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2/6/2019 Kate Bennett

✅ Trip Verified | Ho Chi Minh City to Paris. Flew out from CDG with Vietnam Airlines as part of their code share agreement and was very impressed. On the return journey I expected a similar cabin lay out with the business class pods as they are plastered all over the Air France website. We were so disappointed to see that they were conventional seats that just extended out. I queried whether this was business class as it was not what I expected and was told this was an old style aircraft. The seat was very uncomfortable and it was not possible to lie in any other position than straight flat and even then the seat belt housing was digging in my side. Despite claims on their website there were no charging ports and the space was very cramped. There was nowhere to put a small ladies handbag. The screen had to be pulled up from the arm rest as was smaller than an ipad. The food was fine but the space to eat was cramped. The cabin itself had significantly more people in as the layout was 2x4x2 meaning greater pressure on toilets, staff etc. The hospitality pack had a very small tube of Clarins hand cream and one of moisturiser. Hardly generous and only just about fits the website description. Did not feel that special or particularly valued

2/3/2019 K Bycham

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Warsaw via Paris. I was surprised by the new Boeing 777 interior. It's very modern and comfy. Full HD IFE is great, however there aren't many Hollywood movies, mostly french. Food was delicious, but the portion was rather small. During the flight drinks and snacks were available. On the way from Paris to Warsaw there was only a drink and small cake. In my opinion it's too little for a full service airline as Air France.

2/3/2019 K Bycham

✅ Trip Verified | Warsaw to Shanghai via Paris. Nice cabin crew, much legroom. Food onboard is very good. Stopover at CDG without any problems. No IFE in the A321 and old IFE in the A380. Generally I enjoyed old A380 cabin, nice seats. When flying AF long haul there is a galley in kitchen with complimentary snacks and soft drinks.

2/2/2019 B Kean

✅ Trip Verified | Mexico City to Paris. Very limited leg room, the screen equipment almost falling apart, dirty toilets, terrible food and inattentive flight crew. What else can one ask when travelling on such a long flight?! Never ever again.

1/31/2019 Eric Gerard

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to Lome via Paris. Perfect service, professional and with good mood and humour. As usual excellent meal and As usual excellent food and drinks. The crew takes the time to talk, to make your trip as pleasant as possible.

1/29/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-200ER (772) Three Class v2 seat 20B

Premium economy seats on this plane are AWFUL. You "recline" by sliding the seat down so that you are positioned in an uncomfortable slouch. Pure torture. No way to sit comfortably, let alone attempt to sleep. Food is standard economy fare. Prem Economy must use 1 of 4 lavs shared by 260 seats in economy and premium economy. Don't waste your money, you will be more comfortable in economy.

1/29/2019 George Mantel

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Atlanta. Very hard seat. The food was without taste. Wine great. Service during the flight almost non-existent. Near the end we did see 3 offering of water. The breakfast was a “pizza hot pocket” warm yogurt and bad juice. Great coffee but not enough. I did not eat my “breakfast.” Their motto French in the air. It is not! What a great country with excellent food choices and comfort.

1/29/2019 A Mardin

✅ Trip Verified | Nuremburg to Paris. I flew in business class, thought it´s worth it. Staff is very rude and not caring. You see that they feel bothered if you ask them for something (water, wine). No smiles and I didn´t feel welcome on board. And if you dare to ask for something the first thing you will hear them is a sigh. During the whole flight the flight attandants spend the time in the galley chatting and giggling. Later I saw them eating there and they ignored the button calls from their passengers. Never again and I would not recommend them. There are other carriers that value you, your time and your money much better than Air France.

1/29/2019 R Amin

Not Verified | Dubai to Gothenburg via Paris. First time flying with Air France since 2004. The service was as good as I remembered. The food and drinks were very good. After take off a nice snack with a chicken salad, bread, croissant, and a dessert with a nice hot breakfast before landing. The crew were very nice and service minded. On the second flight with HOP also great service and a nice snack included.

1/27/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-200ER (772) Three Class v2 seat 12A

On January 23, 2019, I flew with Air France from Tahiti to Los Angeles with this aircraft. I had 12 a in business class. Very familiar, new and fresh, the seat was comfortable with plenty of space to sit and lie completely flat. The service from the cabin crew was impeccable, the food and accompanying wines were of the highest class. In other words so i'm completely happy with this flight. All honor to Air France. Lennart Welander, Sweden

1/25/2019 R Mawardan

✅ Trip Verified | Beirut to New York via Paris. The food was disappointing. We took a long flight, and the least that they can do is provide a decent meal for the people that are paying this much to fly with them. To be honest, i wouldn't fly with them again.

1/22/2019 Chris Walsh

✅ Trip Verified | London to Singapore via Paris. First small flight was ok. Main flight was good. Cabin crew very good but let down by one who was rude. The seat was ok but controls are where you rest your arms so press buttons without realising. Food and service of it didn't feel as good as other carriers and was served on a tray which I would expect on business.

1/17/2019 Mafalda Calado

✅ Trip Verified | London to Luanda via Paris. Had the most horrible experience from the bag drop to the aeroplane for long haul flight. The bag drop assistant was extremely rude, saying he was upset we were late, we arrived 10 min before bag drop closed. Never met someone so cruel we almost stayed behind until he changed his mind and said we could travel without our luggage which we crazily did and ended up paying around £700 to have it shipped because our trip was for 3 weeks. The aircraft was old and uncomfortable for a long flight overnight.

1/16/2019 Diana Wolff

✅ Trip Verified | Flight was delayed in Cancun, also was 30 min late arrive to Paris CDG, they lost both of my suitcases. I had to wait 7 hours for next flight (even they inform me is fully booked but plane was half empty ). Extremely rude personal on the ground, i didn’t get any mobility assistance. 2 very long lines at security, they were extremely slow,. Nightmare, they never give me any vouchers or food or drink. Do not recommend.

1/15/2019 M Lagaulle

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Ho Chi Minh. Great experience flying with Air France. Boarding the aircraft was fast and organised. Cabin crew was professional, friendly and attentive. The aircraft cabin was quiet nice and the entertainment system was good, movies, music albums and concerts with a decent size screen. The food was not bad and champagne was even available on the economy class. Hope flying with Air France again soon.

1/15/2019 Filip Cvrcek

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Prague. It was first time for me to travel with Air France, and I was quite disappointed. Even I bought more expensive ticket, so I could have 2 cabin bags, I was told that I have check in one of them as flight is apparently completely full, which would be understandable, however as I was boarding quite early there was countless amount of passengers coming on board after me who had bigger and more luggage than me. The final drop of this disappointment was, that flight was so full, that I was sitting by my self on 3 seater, so could store my luggage all around me if I wanted to.

1/10/2019 Emmanouil Makris

✅ Trip Verified | Mexico City to Athens via Paris CDG. Both flights were on time. Seat comfort was excellent specially on the transatlantic flight. Food quality and quantity was top notch. The service provided by the FA's was amazing and very professional. Overall it was an excellent experience.

1/7/2019 C Halsten

✅ Trip Verified | Cork to Moscow via Paris. Delayed flights on both trips, ended up missing a connecting flight as a result. Appalling service on the ground in the airport. Luggage severely delayed despite being promised it would be put on my new flight with me. Absolute disaster.

1/4/2019 G Meares

✅ Trip Verified | Freetown to Tokyo via Paris. The A340 on the Freetown-Paris leg is in desperate need of an upgrade; the seats are old and tired, the IFE screen is 6 inches and poor quality, and the bathrooms dirty and worn. Paris to Tokyo return was acceptable, but not great. On one leg, I made the mistake of paying for an emergency-exit seat, and whilst the legroom was great, the seat width was severely limited due to the TV and table in the armrest. On the return leg, the seats were tightly packed with little legroom. IFE was limited, very few options. All the meals were average, as was the service. The Japanese crew were friendly and attentive, whilst the French crew tended to go through the motions and then hide away. You didn't see them outside of the meal service. My experience with Air France is that the crew just disappear, and they don't seem to really enjoy their work or be motivated to provide good customer service.

1/1/2019 Stephane Calabrese

✅ Trip Verified | Bogota to Paris. I have been greatly impressed by the quality of the whole experience with Air France, from ground staff to the flight. I am reviewing the BOG-CDG segment of my trip, but I actually did BOG-CDG-MRS back and forth. All legs in Economy class, except CDG-BOG in Economy Plus (upgrade). Luggage check-in at BOG airport: uneventful, despite the date (December 22), it was rather organized, but I have to admit, the waiting time was a bit long (30 minutes). Boarding at gate level was very well organized, by groups, and they enforced the group system, which is a rare occurrence at BOG airport. This resulted in a well organized and hassle free process. Aircraft was a Boeing 787-9. This plane is a great enhancement from previous A340. Economy seat was comfortable enough, IFE with a good quality screen and a great movie and series selection. Wifi is available during the flight, quality and speed was good, but 20 Mb for 5 euros is expensive. Food has been in good quantity and super quality, I actually enjoyed it. Cabin crew have been excellent, very professional, attentive and well mannered. I never felt pressured like I nearly always feel with US companies (esp. United). I want to highlight that cabin crew have been consistent across the 4 flights I did. Finally, for my last leg (CDG-BOG), a cabin crew member was reported to have passed out like 5 minutes before boarding but they found a replacement crew member in 10 minutes. I was quite impressed! Of course CDG is their worldwide hub and they have a number of crew in stand by. I would definitely recommend Air France.