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12/29/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 29ABJK

Seats 29 ABJK are at the door (more leg room but FREZING COLD) and too close from the toilets

12/27/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A320 (320) v2 seat 17C

The current refurbished cabins for AF within Europe are pretty much what one would expect for intra-Europe flights. Business class is simply a blocked centre economy seat. Seats recline- slightly, there is USB power located in the armrests at each seat. Nothing fancy, and I really think the seat pitch is now 31". So overall, on par with other European carriers. At least the seats have padding unlike LH......

12/27/2018 J Davrina

✅ Trip Verified | Tokyo to Paris. The flight was slightly delayed from Narita Airport. The ground crew told me to hand my baggage to a certain counter, to which I was denied, because the baggage service was about to be closed. I was there at 9.40 and the flight was at 11.40. I was asleep when the meal was served but awoke when the CA were approx. 4 seats in front of me (serving from front to rear area). They saw me, but didn't serve me at all. After few minutes I called one of them and he said, it's because I was sleeping. I had window seat and the aisle seat's passenger slept almost all the time. Once I woke him up to go to the restroom and saw a CA sat down at the pantry and reading a magazine, while the passengers had to go there if they want snack or drink. The entertainment equipment was quite old, as well as the movies and there were only few Japanese movies.

12/25/2018 Christopher Kwan

Not Verified | Paris to Venice. Air France ground crew were atrocious. They at random selected people to have their bags weighed. My wife and I were selected. Our bags were 10kg and 8kg which if added together was too much - for two people it was well under the limit, but they required us to check both of our carryons saying it was too heavy. Mind you, we had only decided to travel with carryon bags to spend less time waiting at baggage claim so we were already traveling light. Meanwhile a lady with three bags walks through and isn’t selected - and her bags were bigger than ours. As a result due to a kind Air France agent we were able to check our bags for free because otherwise that would’ve been 80 euros. Unacceptable behavior by Air France which soured our honeymoon.

12/23/2018 Sasha Takeuchi

Not Verified | Paris to Tokyo Haneda. Firstly, the check-in counter in terminal 2E replaced the humans by machines. I’m not against that organisation. But It was completely jam packed, disorganised with just 5 or 6 assistant  for nearly a thousand passengers. There were a dozen flights that took off at the same time than the one I flew on, so you can imagine the situation in the check-in area with no other special dispositions. Secondly, concerning the in-flight experience, the seat was ok : legroom was correct, in the average. However the catering was just revolting, even if I was in economy class, I expect a minimum quality and respect in passenger services : this is a total fail for Air France. Actually plane foods are not very tasty, but for instance on 5 star airlines such ANA I was able to finish my plate, as you may imagine, this wasn’t the case at all this time. Regarding the entertainment system, it’s easy to navigate in it, the response is ok even if the touch sensibility is not really good. The bad point is on the movie selection which is very poor, not on its quantity but on its quality (again). I won’t say a comment on the cabin attendant because the service quality can widely differ between them, maybe a part of the french charm. All in all, I didn’t fly on Air France for nearly 10 years, and it was a mistake to try again. The new ads and commercials are far from the true quality, and are just a marketing strategy for an airline which is sinking.

12/22/2018 Khrystyna Pryshchepiuk

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Punta Cana To my vacation. My luggage was lost and 3 days I was without any clothes. So I came from winter to summer country. This was horrible. Once flying back, they lost package as well. I am shocked. I filed the claim for compensation and they never compensated. I do not recommend to use Air France

12/21/2018 Patrick Messier

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Paris via Nairobi. Ridiculous service which cut my expensive trip to Africa short and cause intense stress. Waiting 7 hours to be told the flight has been canceled and now waiting another few hours to receive a voucher.

12/14/2018 Victor L, Boeing 777-200ER (772) Three Class v2 seat 44L

Great seat for regular eco, great screen with usb , good movies , quite ok !

12/13/2018 Richard Callis

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Sao Paulo. Simply the best flight of 2018. I have flown more than 70 times this year in all classes but this was head and shoulders above the rest. Everything about this flight was 10/10 except the service which was 20/10. I was flying Premium Economy but it felt like I was in First Class. The staff on this flight were so thoughtful, simple things, like getting the liquor I like from Business class, espresso coffee, frequently checking if i needed anything else, the staff could not do enough. I am Platinum with Air France and the staff really make you feel like you have made the right decision by choosing Air France as your airline of choice. Air France consistently delivers for its Frequent Flyers. Aside from the benefits I enjoyed because of my status the flight was also 10/10. Comfortable seat, excellent entertainment and very tasty food. The cabin was as always in excellent condition and spotless. The key for any memorable flight is its crew and this crew rates amongst the very best I have ever flown with in 30 years of travelling.

12/11/2018 Harold Scheuer

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to Riga via Paris. When arriving in Paris from Boston, we were greeted with never ending security checks. Duty free items that were purchased at the airport inside the terminal as gifts were unpacked, scrutinized, and handled without care. On the way back from Riga, we missed our connecting flight, and were treated with the utmost of disrespect and rudeness when trying to change the flights at the ticketing office. The Air France employee refused to look into the situation, check the tickets properly, and simply did not want to do her job. In addition, upon me making an inside joke to my wife in regards to our luck, the employee threw my papers back at me and stated that if I wanted to laugh, I should go look for help someplace else. While apologizing and trying to straighten out the situation, we wound up missing our second rebooked flight out of Paris. When finally arriving back in Boston, our luggage was obviously mishandled, and certain parts of the bag were broken off. Overall, besides the human made troubles, the airport itself is very confusing, unaccommodating, and lacks any real amenities, such as a place to sit down and enjoy a decent meal.

12/9/2018 Lydie B, Airbus A380-800 (380) seat 91D

91D is an upper deck seat. I found it to be a very comfortable seat with plenty of legroom and elbowroom for me, tall, long legs. I had space to put a messenger type bag under the seat and still have room for my feet.

12/8/2018 Mohinder Singh

Not Verified | Booked to fly to New Delhi from Birmingham changing planes in Paris, one hour to make it to the next flight which is a joke considering it takes 35 minutes to pass through security. Missed connection, no help from staff and made to pay hotel €120 plus food out of pocket for €150. Flew out the next day luggage didn’t arrive till four days later. Will never use Air France again.

12/4/2018 G Meares

✅ Trip Verified | Freetown to New York via Paris. Two very average flights, especially considering it was Business Class. No welcome drinks were offered on departure from Freetown; however, as the flight makes a 1.5 hour stop-over in Conakry, it was a long, long time before any drink or refreshments were offered at all. On both legs, service was average at best. I did not feel like I was in Business Class; no drink runs were made outside of the meal service, and the food was incredibly poor. For breakfast on the CDG-JFK leg, I felt the omelette was the equivalent of something you'd get in Economy Class. Furthermore, one entire course of food that was mentioned in the menu was not offered. As crew were absent from the cabin, I went to the galley to get a coffee and had to wait ages as the crew were busy chatting. Certainly not a premium offering in terms of food, wine or service; however the hard-product was good.

12/2/2018 S Mandurakai

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Bangalore. Air France takes off, flies, lands. Expect no more. If you get the edible food you like (or have pre ordered) and your checked in baggage, it is a bonus. If you are expecting courteous service just forget Air France. Even in business class you are treated like a piece of you know what. I can only shudder to think of the folks who travel in economy on this ghastly airline. Even though the baggage is marked as priority it is just a consolation for the eyes. Once my baggage got delayed and the ground handlers had no clue whether the baggage made it or not and had to wait for the last bag (remember it was a priority baggage). At times the priority baggage is mixed up with the usual baggage so you wait forever to collect them. My recommendations if you travel Air France, carry cabin baggage only, bring your own food if possible, bring your own travel assistant or hostess who will look after you on the flight.

11/27/2018 R Kordel

✅ Trip Verified | Munich to Mexico City via Paris CDG. The check in in MUC went smooth and rather quick. The agent even accepted my 2 kg luggage overweight without complaining what was really great. The seat pitch on the A318 is horrible, very cramped. It was ok for the one-hour-leg but this is not premium level. Boarding the A380 in CDG was very smooth. I paid for a seat with extra leg room at an emergency exit on the upper deck. The cabin is very nice yet there is a 2-3-2 seat configuration. Although I had great leg room, the seats were horrible. I’m rather a huge person and it was very cramped in the sweat because the armrest in one side is immovable because the tray table is in it. The seats are very hard and uncomfortable for a 12h flight. After six hours I had a sore back and wasn’t able to sit anymore. The cabin has to be updated urgently! The staff on this flight was amazing, very friendly, permanently smiling and very attentive! The service was quick and drinks were offered during the whole flight. I ordered a gluten free special meal and I was served first. The quality of the food was good for economy standards. Flight was on time at all legs. I would definitely fly AF again but only on flights till 6 hours. For any longer flight the current seats on the 380 aren’t designed.

11/26/2018 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Four Class v1 seat 39A

This seat should be labelled "bad seat". The emergency door protrudes quite a bit so you do not have much leg space, but what is worse is that there is no window and the curvature of the plane greatly decreases the space one would normally have. Terrible if you are a tall person like me. Luckily the flight attendant found me a regular seat in the back. I would not have survived 11 hours in this seat!

11/26/2018 L Marden

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Bilbao. There is a luggage theft ring that affected several customers on this flight. Both luggages arrived, but the tracking tag, my name tag, and the sticker had all been removed. My name tag had been cut off. This happened to several bags on the flight. Clearly, someone connected to the baggage system wanted to have several lost luggages with no available tracking. I tried to use the Air France online system to report this problem, but there is no way to do so. One needs to have a lost luggage to report a problem, not a clear attempted theft.

11/26/2018 Karina Jensen

Not Verified | Cancun to Copenhagen via Paris. I'm not the type of writing reviews, but this was so bad an experience that it has to be shared here. We booked flights half a year before and called twice to confirm that it did not cost more to pay for extra baggage if we paid at the airport rather than online. But guess what we paid more. Even though their flight was old, the seats were falling apart and the screens worked miserably. On the day of travel we received an sms that our flight from Cancun was delayed for one hour and that they had hired us on a later flight from Paris to Kastrup. This took 5 hours after we would fly. We drove out early in Cancun airport and asked if there was anything to do, because we still thought we could reach our plane in Paris. It was not there and we should talk to Air France when we arrived in Paris. Here we are and they will not do anything because they have sold our seats to others. So now we sit here in Paris and think we took all our precautions. We called early from Cancun to Air France, we left early at the airport and talked with them and we ran from gate to street in Paris to reach our real plane and then they sold our seats to others. The conclusion is that it's the first and last time we ever travel with them and I would not recommend them to anyone. DK: Jeg er ikke typen der skriver anmeldelser, men dette var så dårlig en oplevelse at det må deles her. Vi bookede flybilletter et halvt år forinden og ringede to gange for at bekræfte at det ikke kostede mere at betale for ekstra baggage hvis vi betalte i lufthavnen frem for på nettet. Men gæt hvad vi betalte mere. Nok om det deres fly var gammelt, sæderne var ved at falde fra hinanden og skærmene fungerede elendigt. På rejse dagen fik vi en sms om at vores fly fra Cancun var forsinket en time og at de derfor havde sat os på et senere fly fra Paris til Kastrup. Dette bar hele 5 timer efter at vi ellers skulle flyve. Vi kørte tidligt ud i Cancun lufthavn og spurgte om der var noget at gøre, for vi mente stadig vi kunne nå vores fly i Paris. Det var der ikke og vi skulle snakke med Air France når vi kom til Paris. Her er vi så og de vil ikke gøre noget for de har solgt vores sæder ril andre. Så nu sidder vi her i Paris og tænker at vi taget alle vores forholdsregler. Vi ringede tidligt fra Cancun til Air France, vi tog tidligt ud i lufthavnen og snakkede med dem og vi løb fra gate til gate i Paris for at nå vores rigtig fly og så har de solgt vores pladser til andre. Konklusionen er at det er første og sidste gang vi nogensinde rejser med dem og jeg vil ikke anbefale dem til nogen som helst!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/25/2018 K Lakivenko

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Santiago de Chile via Paris. This is the worst flight experience my wife and I ever had in our lives. My wife's luggage was checked in at Moscow and was supposed to arrive directly to Santiago. However, by the time of our arrival my wife's luggage was not there and the Air France representative told us that it would only arrive with the next flight. In total, half of our luggage went missing, including the most basic clothes, what resulted in the necessity to go immediately to a shopping mall and spending money on new clean clothing. I have also learnt later that after making the claim about the delayed luggage, one piece is actually missing and Air France can't find it. Disgusting and really bad service from a company of such level. My wife and I will never use this airline ever again and we have also told our friends to avoid it.

11/24/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A319 (319) v1 seat 8F

Extremely cramped -- minimal recline. Food served was a disgrace -- typical "la malbouffe" (junk food); my Doctor would not allow it -- on AIRFrance ? which once prided itself for its service. Fortunately, flight is only 2hr 10 mn...