Batik Air

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10/28/2019 G Jalawam

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Surabaya. The service from Batik Air is very bad, I always travel using the same hand carry luggage for the past 7 years, I have taken Citilink, Garuda and others. There have never been any problems. This time I was questioned, even though the size of the suitcase could still be put in the place the...

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10/27/2019 W Marlin

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Singapore ID7155. The check in and boarding process was fast and the staff was kind and nice. The flight departed and arrived on time. The cabin crew was efficient and polite. The food for this flight was sandwich and muffin served in a box. Both food was quite good in taste. The in-flight entertain...

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8/1/2019 T Wasela

✅ Trip Verified | Makassar to Jakarta in 2018. Great airline, clean cabin. The flight attendant are nice. But the check-in queue is very long, took a lot of time. The food taste good. Long wait for baggage.

7/31/2019 L Wanesarto

✅ Trip Verified | Surabaya to Makassar. Finally, a flight for home, and i choose this airline, Great ground staff. Clean cabin. The flight attendant are nice. Crowded flight. Great take off, and good landing. no delay.

6/27/2019 Jon Roscoe

✅ Trip Verified | The fare was almost double the budget carriers. It advertises an inclusive meal and onboard video entertainment. The trip from Jambi to Jakarta was expected, however the meal was simply a bread roll snack. Not unexpected on the short leg. The next leg however was late, almost 50 minutes and obviously a replace...

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6/9/2019 Mohamed Elgohary

✅ Trip Verified | Worst airline that I ever had to fly with. I was connecting from Dubai to Denpasar via Jakarta. There was a one hour connecting time and my flight got delayed but I did arrive at the check in desk 28 minutes before the flight. They won't let me check in because the counter closes 30 minutes before departure. T...

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5/29/2019 Andrew Tucker

✅ Trip Verified | Another good flight with Batik. I go backwards and forwards between Perth and Denpasar quite often, and Batik is still my airline of choice for this route. In both instances, flights were on time. Was allocated an exit row on both legs (thank you) so was very comfortable, even though on the way home the aircra...

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4/11/2019 Sandra Ulrich

Not Verified | Labuan Bajo to Jakarta. Cancellation with no prior notice and terrible support. At checkin we were told the flight is canceled and we can go the following day. Only we had a connecting flight from Jakarta. Only solution they came up with was to give us a refund (not even total, because it is their policy not to r...

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2/14/2019 C Keale

✅ Trip Verified | Lombok to Jakarta. Terrible airline but can’t say as I didn't actually fly them. This is because our flight was canceled without notice. After significant hassle we were put on Lion Air (which was not a favorable experience). I asked ground crew if they notified passengers of cancellation and they said “some o...

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1/31/2019 Matthew Marich

✅ Trip Verified | Surabaya to Jakarta. We arrived at the airport extremely early, but didn't have to wait for check-in to open since Batik air had a counter for all flights, check-in went smoothly and quick. The departure domestic terminal at Juanda was average but had the basic essentials like a clean toilet and plenty of rest...

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1/24/2019 A Young

✅ Trip Verified | Yogyakarta to Jakarta. This airline gives good service, while checking-in all staff were helpful and friendly. Warm and hospitality starting from the ground next to the air and back to the ground. Passenger service assistance staff will always guide us.

1/10/2019 Detlef Gerritzen

✅ Trip Verified | Booked domestic flights from Jakarta to Sorong and back at Batik Air online through their website. Because of a family emergency, I had to cancel the flights at short notice. Several attempts at the specified e-mail addresses or also via the Singapore call center failed: 1 e-mail address was obviously no longe...

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1/6/2019 W Gazler

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Jayapura. Comfortable flight with decent food and a good selection of movies. The only minor problem was that headsets were not provided and had to be purchased from crew for 25.000 Rp. With the fare very similar to no-frills Lion Air, part of the same group, Batik is very good value.

1/5/2019 Marvel Raphael

✅ Trip Verified | Makassar to Jakarta. The flight is fine, the staff is very friendly and the food is ok. Flying with Batik is a hit or miss because on my flight the IFE is said to be out of service, and the power outlet wasn't working. So it's a pretty boring flight. But for the Business class, it's on the cheaper side so I ca...

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12/29/2018 J Hardan

✅ Trip Verified | Pekanbaru to Jakarta. Don't fly Batik Air. Starting from the ground service it is the worst. Actually we got no choice as we ran out seat of Garuda Indonesia . The boarding process is the worst out there , there were no specific boarding call for business class passenger, passenger with kids etc . The plane is...

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11/19/2018 W Gazler

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Jayapura via Makassar. Comfortable seats and good selection of movies, though no free headsets provided. Food quite basic, with only a glass of water for drink. Overall, still good value.

11/5/2018 Cahya K Wardhani

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Surabaya. I travelled with Batik Air for more than 10 times for business trip and this one supposed to be a premium version of the sister, Lion Air. It's not as good as you think it will be. Let's say from 10 flights with Batik Air, 2-3 were delayed, and 1-2 flights without in-flight entertainment. ...

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10/2/2018 T Wells

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Singapore in business class. The planes are new. Pilots seem reasonable competent, but service and food? Not even close. To fly from Sorong to Singapore, all on Batik, it will have taken me more than 30 hours. Plane was late in Sorong by more than one hour and then the ground staff couldn’t figure ...

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10/2/2018 D Pearson

Not Verified | Bali to Perth. No frills in business class apart from more leg room and wider seat. No choice of meals or drink. Economy passengers using overhead lockers for their luggage and would stand in business class going to the lockers and while waiting to use the front toilet most annoying for crew to get meal service. ...

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9/9/2018 Marjolein Visser

Not Verified | Manado to Jakarta. Delay after delay, plane left two hours before time so we had to wait 6 hours, we already booked a hotel but couldn't use it because of our delay. On our way back the plane was one hour delayed, we missed our transfer to Istanbul. We had to pay for other tickets and had also to stay two more da...

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