70 SmartWings reviews

5/28/2019 Michael Bouet

✅ Trip Verified | Prague to Copenhagen. 1 hour late, No information off why or excuses. Their English Are horrifying. You can't hear what is said in the speakers. Worst experience ever. After Landing on the runway, 3 passengers begin to take their luggage.

4/13/2019 Boris Zugic

✅ Trip Verified | Podgorica to Malaga via Prague. Old airplane, with no room for legs, rude staff and long delays. But the worst thing happened after arrival at Malaga airport. My luggage was lost at Prague Airport and I waited for 4 days to get it back! When I finally got my luggage it was destroyed. At baggage claim we made a damage report. After that I was adviced to fill up a form about my damage on SmartWings website but since today nobody have contacted me.

3/18/2019 T Marston

✅ Trip Verified | Prague to Amsterdam. While my carry-on fit handily into their receptacle, I was told it was oversized and that I would be able to pick it up after exiting the aircraft, as I had a very close connection at my destination. Pick up was not available, so I had to exit to the baggage carousel, and re-enter security at my connection. This made me late for my flight.

3/3/2019 M Vaughan

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Prague. Flight was over an hour delayed, there was no announcement about the delay from the airline, once we boarded the plane there was again no mention of a delay either. The air hostesses assigned to the front of the plane were so rude, un-welcoming and abrupt, the rudest hostess I have experienced, lack of customer service skills and no routine. They skipped serving aisle, and when you asked them for service they were extremely rude. Appalling airline and staff, would never book with this airline again, really need a lesson in how to show appreciation to all of your customers and not just the ones who speak your language or look the same as you.

1/10/2019 I Gawilana

✅ Trip Verified | Warsaw to Malaga via Prague. My flight was cancelled five months ago. I submitted the claim for compensation via their website. I haven't received any answer. During past five months I submitted two more claims via their internet website, sent four emails to claims department, sent registered letter to their headquarters and I called twice. I have had not one answer. I called twice only to be told that they cannot do anything and to send email to claims department.

1/5/2019 Ben Dowden

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Prague. While the flight was about 30min late - it was explained by a headwind on the incoming 7hr flight from Prague which is reasonable. The service was actually very high quality for a low cost carrier. The meal was served quickly and was of similar quality to some full service carriers. We were given a snack about 4hr into the flight and a candy while we were landing. The seat did feel narrow without luxurious leg room, but you get what you pay for. Much nicer than Ryanair or EasyJet though. Bring your device of choice with a portable charger since entertainment is delivered via Wi-Fi.

12/21/2018 S Weare

✅ Trip Verified | I travelled from London Gatwick to Prague and then on to Dubai. When I collected my luggage in Prague my case had been unzipped, everything inside was moved around and the Christmas cards that family and friends had given me to take back to my family in Dubai had been ripped open, obviously searching for money. Why else would you rip open a greetings card.

10/12/2018 Tomas Kilian

Not Verified | Flew SmartWings from Djerba to Brno. Pretty good, plane was new and clan. Surprisingly for low cost airline, there actually was space for legs. Staff were quite friendly and even offered younger son to see cockpit and pilots have been very nice to him answering all and sometimes pretty stupid questions.

9/8/2018 Vartan Agopian

✅ Trip Verified | Prague to Malaga. Excellent airline. Boarding was fast and easy, cabin crew were super friendly, aircraft was new and clean, and the food quality was super. The only problem is that the WiFi didn’t work, but that happens - so, all in all, excellent airline: highly recommended.

9/3/2018 R Wirken

✅ Trip Verified | Dubrovnik to Amsterdam via Prague. First flight was delayed by approx. 1 hour so we had to run at PRG airport to catch our connecting flight. Connection time was too short for the Luggage which arrived two days later in Amsterdam. No apologies or helpful information at all by SmartWings staff: rudest service I have ever experienced.

8/26/2018 C Jewell

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Prague return was a very bad experience. Going to Prague, flight was delayed by 1 hour, reason being waiting on the flight crew. Leaving Prague, went through security, all passengers in a room with not enough seating for everyone, not toilet, plane on the tarmac, crew finally showed this time, they were waiting as well. We were all there waiting to get on this plane, more than 1 hour waiting with no explanation from anyone whatsoever. 1 person asked a desk person, and he offered no explanation. I will never use Smartwings ever again, and I will never recommend this airline to anyone.

4/23/2018 P Skrivanek

✅ Trip Verified | Prague to Hurghada. The check-in did not open until exactly 2 hours before departure. Then only 2 counters for our flight with over 200 pax. This caused the departure hall overcrowded with about 1000 people. As I boarded among the last passengers, upon entering the aircraft it was clearly visible, how packed it was. Got an exit seat 17F, which had a very good pitch, probably more than US domestic first classic. At regular seats the legroom seemed non-existent though. Seat itself narrow as on 737 can be, very short and lacking an armrest on the exit side. On-time departure. Shortly after take-off one and only cart service began with drinks and limited snacks for sale only. Ordered vodka orange, which was of a very good quality (Absolute miniature and 0,33l. of a 100% OJ). Staff stared at me upon requsting ice and it took them about 10 minutes to finally deliver it. Flight attendants seemed disinterested without a single smile. There are no personal nor any other screens. To my surprise an announcement, that there is a WiFi streaming available, was made approx. 30 minutes into the flight. Even without prelouded app there was a good selection of films and documentaries, no flight map though. My friend at back exit row seat was freezingly cold throughout the flight, while temperature over the wing was fine. A limited number of blankets and pillows was available, which I did not use. Flight otherwise uneventful, landed ahead of schedule with bags waiting for us (there was a generous 23kg allowance + 8kg carry-on, which was never Checked).

4/11/2018 D Bailey

✅ Trip Verified | Flew SmartWings from London Gatwick to Prague. Absolutely atrocious, do not fly this airline. I was due to fly for a holiday over the easter break. When I got to the airport they put me on standby. Then the plane was delayed by four hours. Then I was refused boarding due to overbooking. Have been trying to claim compensation but the claim form on their website doesn't work and no one replies to the emails.

4/9/2018 L Mawes

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Prague. They waived my overweight bags because I understood that I could take up to 23 kg without paying and I felt good that they trusted me and said that they'll waive my bags (usually you can only take up to 15 kg free). My flight was delayed with two hours (which is a common occurrence by SmartWings as I see in other reviews). But it was value for money as I only paid 52 pounds for the ticket (same day that I actually am flying). We didn't yet fly and I hope all will end well.

3/20/2018 Khaled Barghouty

✅ Trip Verified | Flew SmartWings from Tel Aviv to Prague. Not recommended at all - stay away! Poor value for money. We paid $1,725 for 4 tickets and the flight was awful. Beginning with the seats - terrible and not comfortable at all (worse than a football stadium seat). They don't even serve a free cup of water on a 4 hour flight. Everything costs money and they won't take local currency on our flight back to Israel! Long delay (2 hours) on our way back from Prague to Tel-Aviv.

12/30/2017 C Markon

✅ Trip Verified | Tenerife to Prague. Disappointing flexibility in luggage weight. Didn't accept 2.5, offered to take some things out but they wouldn't even accept less overweight of checked in luggage. For a flight that cost 250-300+ euros that's quite stingy. I understand that you get what you pay for, but the staff wouldn't even accept half a kilo extra.

12/18/2017 Pavel Moravec

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Prague. So after few years I've decided to fly with Travel Service/Smart Wings again (won't do that for some time again). Since prices from Heathrow were too expensive on this date and I didn't want to fly from Stansted and I wanted it to fly in the evening there wasn't that many options to Prague, so I chose SmartWings. First plane arrived hour late, but with that problems only started. Than boarding started (much later), for some reason they had boarding in 3 sections (for 183 people), first people from back of the plane, I was in front, but when I went to tunnel people were still there, because for some reasons they needed to start boarding from front - they said because of balance of the aircraft, I fly a lot but this is first time I've heard this on boarding. So another delay, than after some time when crew wasn't able to count all the people on board we finally took off and landed hour and 20 minutes after we were scheduled. Than deboarding started and again for the first time in my life I've heard that, we were deboarding from back of the plane, so first people from the back, but using front sky bridge, which took another 20 minutes, so overall time was almost 2 hours and 1 hour is on lack of skills of this so call airline. Only positive is that you got check it baggage, but thats it, they also have wifi and seats were ok, but that won't compensate for all the other things. So unless I have too, I won't fly with them any time soon. I would say worst or one of the worst airlines in Europe!

11/4/2017 Derek Postance

✅ Verified Review | Marsa Alam to Prague. Aircraft was clean and looked new despite age. Departed on time, a small hot meal and drinks service was provided. Cabin crew professional and efficient. Seats proved hard after 3 or 4 hours but were bearable. We were warned in advance of a rough approach to Prague due to very strong winds. In reality this was the worst I have experienced in many flights but the flight crew handled it brilliantly.

10/20/2017 P Valten

✅ Verified Review | Rhodes to Bratislava. It was normal night flight. The plane was quite old and dirty. We had a delay about 1 and half hour. Smartwings isn't a very good airline but this flight was good (I had very bad another flight with SmartWings before). We get tea, water or juice and sandwich.

10/12/2017 S Drew

✅ Verified Review | Prague to Dubrovnik. One of the worst flight experiences ever. Despite booking with Czech Airlines we were put on this code share with Smartwings out of Prague. We had extra bags and made plans in advance to handle those. I have Delta Gold Medallion but they would not honor that status for allowing an extra bag. We were charged $260 for excess baggage for a flight where both tickets were less than that amount. They would not honor Czech Airlines baggage conditions. The flight was less than one-quarter full and I can see why based on the level of customer service. Be sure any flights with Czech Airlines don't use this carrier.