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6/30/2019 H Harris

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to Lyon. Flight cancelled one hour prior to boarding without any explanation. When asked at the desk, the answer was “operational reasons”. This is the most stupid and inconsiderate response an unhappy customer can get. Avoid this company as much as you can.

6/22/2019 Andrea Benaim

✅ Trip Verified | Tel Aviv to Toronto via Brussels. First, they lost our bag. Then, when it was finally returned to us, all of the contents were completely destroyed. We filed a case online, to which they responded that they are not responsible for our damaged items. All they could say was we are sorry for destroying your possessions but there is nothing we can do. See the response below, and the lovely agent that took the time out of his day to respond to us. We have flown several times before with computer equipment and have never had a problem. We very thoroughly and tightly wrapped the equipment. I would never fly Brussels Airlines again, and hope that others think twice before flying as well. It’s all about customer service, and Brussels Airlines lacks tact and basic customer courtesy. They are absolutely disgusting. Here is their response: Dear Mr. Benain, Thank you for your message regarding your damaged items during the flight SN552 from Brussels to Toronto on June 16th, 2019. I do apologise that your items were not packed properly after the inspection. However, the Section 8.6 of our General Conditions of Carriage, which are part of the transport contract, stipulates that, for security reasons, your luggage may be checked or searched in your absence. If these inspections or checks damage their contents, we cannot be held responsible. I apologize again for any inconvenience caused, and hope we can retain your confidence in us.

6/10/2019 Janet Jeffress

✅ Trip Verified | Trip purchased September 2018 from Greensboro to Florence. Upgraded seats purchased January 2019 Internal issues within the airline and the seats I had selected at time of upgraded purchase were assigned to other passenger the day of travel. At check- in incorrect seat assignment (was in economy) and check in staff notified. Told to check at gate at Dulles. Called Brussels Airlines direct and was told that we had been re-assigned to window and aisle but on the other side of the plane same number. At the gate in Dulles the staff were rude and told us some story about cancelled flight from day before and that they 2 flights going to the same destination at the same time and our plane was changed not the same seat plan which was utter rubbish, it was the same plane. We were delayed by over an hour leaving Dulles but we were able to make up some time so we did not miss our connecting flight. The food was appalling, the flight staff less than customer focused the entire experience with Brussels Airlines was a disaster - which was made even more apparent when we flew home from Florence on Lufthansa, a complete 100% difference.

6/10/2019 I Varsen

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to Bastia. First time I've flown with Brussels Airlines. Staff was very friendly. I could choose my seat for free and had a lot of space for my legs! The only thing i disliked was the price of food and beverages this is too expensive.

6/10/2019 N Moyen

<✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Accra via Brussels. At check-in they seemed really strict on allowing only 12kg of cabin luggage. But, as often, in cabin I noticed many people with far more than 12kg. No food or drinks offered on the Paris to Brussels. Poor service overall. I was not able to check in online either.

5/28/2019 G Johnson

✅ Trip Verified | Freetown to London via Brussels with Brussels Airlines. Neither of my flights was particularly good. On the outbound flight I had paid for a specific seat in economy class, but the configuration of the actual plane was different than what appeared online, so they instead moved me to a bulkhead seat with no legroom. I ended up paying another $100 inflight to move up to their 'comfort plus' seats. These were very nice, comfortable and spacious, with large TV screens - and will soon be used as Premium Economy when the airline formally rolls out this new class of travel. On the return flight I had again paid for a 'comfort plus' seat, but greatly regretted it. The IFE in my seat wasn't working - nor was it on any of the seats in my row, or the row behind me. I had to ask the crew five times if they could reset it, finally they did, but nothing improved. At one stage one of the crew told me it was "impossible" that none of the IFE were working. The crew on my aisle were quite arrogant and unhelpful. Disappointed by my flights; next time I won't bother paying for any seat selection as I didn't benefit on either leg.

5/23/2019 H Garten

✅ Trip Verified | Catania to Manchester via Brussels. Both flights on time. Pay for catering available but not taken. Staff professional. Change at Brussels was straightforward, and luggage made it as well.

5/8/2019 L Clark

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to Saint Petersburg. I am very disappointed with the flight. The pilot landed turbulently. The cabin crew took my order incorrectly. The seat is comfortable enough to sit. Brussels airport, which is the base of the airline, announces the gate late that I have to rush there, given there is a designated area for Brussels Airlines.

5/3/2019 Daniel Hornett

✅ Trip Verified | I'm somewhat disappointed with this flight. I flew from Vienna to London Via Brussels, and the service wasn't great. The first flight left on time, and we were soon airborne. However, my window seat was disappointing, as the window was very dirty, and it was hard to see out. The inflight service was efficient, apart from the fact that they didn't accept debit cards, and I had no other way to pay. The layover in Brussels was fairly uneventful, and I managed to grab a bite to eat. After a while, my gate was announced, and I headed to the gate. I got to the plane, and I realized it was the exact same plane, and I was sat on the exact same seat. Dirty window again. After takeoff, the inflight service began, and again I was unable to purchase anything. After a very short flight, we landed into Heathrow, and I was faced with a 55 minute line at immigration, so by the time I got out, I wasn't very happy. I personally wouldn't take this flight again. The service was ok I guess, but I would rather fly on a different airline, as I found the whole flight and crew quite cold, and I didn't really enjoy the flights.

4/19/2019 D Wayne

✅ Trip Verified | Boarding process from Toronto to Brussels was good. They actually boarded the people at the back of the plane first, impressive. Once I got onboard and prepared for my flight I found that the phone jack in the arm rest had a connection issue as well at the USB port to charge my phone. It showed charging but and I checked up on it 4 times during the flight and it was not properly charging. Worn out electronic connections. To get full audio on my head phones I had to manually pull the conneciton to the right and this was very annoying for an entire flight. Watched one movie and gave up on the rest. Food on the Toronto - Brussels flight was very good. Seat comfort was ok on the longhaul but the Brussels to Athens flight was hard on the neck on the A321. The main reason for this review was that Brussels Airlines didn't have any service on the Brussels to Athens flight. I paid a full international ticket at full value and I expected a meal and drink service as Aegean Airlines would have privided if they did this specific code share. Not even service of a glass of water for over 2.75 hours flight to Athens is terrible. If you buy a budget airline ticket for 40 Euros to 80 Euros like Ryanair I can accept this but not a full fare ticket with multiple Star Alliance Providers.

4/17/2019 L Vashel

✅ Trip Verified | Tel Aviv to Brussels. Horrible service. Even water costs money. Snacks cost money. On the cheapest plan, there is no way to change your flight, not even for a fee. There is absolutely no cancellation refund (except for taxes). I contacted customer service. They were of absolutely no use. I would strongly advise considering an alternative.

4/8/2019 Tom Panis

✅ Trip Verified | I am a weekly traveller from Brussels to Nice return. Since two years Brussels Airlines is achieving in 85 % of the flights a delay of min 30 min to min 60 min. If you have to believe the cabin staff it seems always someone else fault of the delay. Writing Complain letters is useless since you always get the same letter back (automized). Its a lack of respect for the consumer. Shame on you Brussels Airlines! You used to be a premium air carrier, now not even a low budget.

4/5/2019 Manfredo Santopinto

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to Lisbon. Very poor company. When they are not late, they will make sure that you pay (45€) for your trolley by stating it is not the right size. Their standard size is not standard and many of the bags you’ll buy as cabin luggage won’t fit. Most of the time you will end-up both paying and late. Service is inexistant. Food and drinks of very poor quality but very high price.

3/31/2019 S Rasmussen

✅ Trip Verified | Copenhagen to Vilnius via Brussels. The trip was delayed by twenty minutes, but this was handled professionally by staff. Nice clean aircraft with good legroom. The food served was good, both with regards to quality and quantity. Cabin staff very attentive and jolly. As far as I am concerned this may be one of the best Business Class airlines in Europe, and the price was fair to what I got.

3/30/2019 André de Sousa

✅ Trip Verified | Copenhagen to Brussels. Not flying again with Brussels Airlines. After having a flight delayed for 5 hours due to operational reasons they refused to give me compensation. A colleague on the same flight, via a third party received the compensation. I did it the right way, via Brussels Airlines website. Brussels Airlines ignores my emails and calls, having done this for 2 months.

3/25/2019 C Walker

Not Verified | London to Prague via Brussels. Full flight and they allow people to bring multiple bags, my soft cover bag is removed from the over head storage and handed back to me so that I can place it under my feet - it's not a small bag. So much for any leg room. I will avoid this airline going forward.

3/22/2019 H Blumenthal

✅ Trip Verified | Long haul service on Brussels Airlines is very good and I now have a number of experiences. On the positive side, a number of things: The service is very nice, the crew being very attentive to the comfort of the passengers. Food and wine are always good and nicely presented. The seat is a true lie-flat which is comfortable and the design of the business cabin is quite intelligent as you have the choice of truly individual seats or having a neighbour. The short haul flights between Brussels and Paris has improved since one year. On the negative side, 3 things: the choices of films and music are both limited and not very attractive (I'm not speaking specifically about this flight but in general) and if the commute in Brussels is often a pain it is only because of long queues at immigration with no fast track which must be unique in Europe. And a true shame: there is no business lounge available in Paris even if Brussels Airlines could easily use their Star Alliance partners lounges in the same terminal (LH and SAS). A big cherry on the cake: the price of the business tickets are truly most competitive.

3/15/2019 S Varinov

✅ Trip Verified | Vilnius to Heathrow via Brussels. The staff at the boarding gate wouldn’t allow to take onboard cabin size bag with laptop arguing the have limited luggage space in the aircraft. Upon boarding it was obvious that 1/3 of luggage racks were empty. Why?

3/12/2019 G Jackson

✅ Trip Verified | My first experience flying with Brussels Airlines, and I was impressed. The seats were spacious and comfortable, and I slept well when it was converted to a flatbed. IFE was OK, but there wasn't such a large variety of movies available. I enjoyed all of the meals that were served, and they were accompanied by a good selection of wines and beers - I really liked that they stock quiet a variety of beers, including ones from smaller, lesser-know brewers. The crew were all excellent - friendly, polite, attentive and chatty - they were proactive about drinks and refills, which was much appreciated. On my return, the flight was postponed for 24 hours, but the airline was very quick in sorting out accommodation and it was relatively painless. A good airline, made all the better by friendly and cheerful staff.

3/2/2019 Cinzia Guido

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to Rome. Staff on board terrible, no more Brussels Airlines! I had only one Personal bag with me, no trolley, no bag pack, no luggage. Staff told me he would have helped me putting the luggage in the cabin, instead he sent it to the luggage belt without even informing me. I would have liked at least to be informed about my bag sent to the belt so that I could have removed the laptop.