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10/21/2019 Manfredo Santopinto

✅ Trip Verified | Roma to Brussels, departure 10 mins late. Late again. Always an excuse. One time is because the aircraft arrived late, the other is because passengers took too long to board, one more because there’s a lot of traffic.

10/18/2019 D Harber

✅ Trip Verified | I do not understand anyone purchasing a business class ticket with Brussels Airlines. The business had exactly the same seats as economy. The promise was that a spare seat would be left to give passengers more room. The flight was full, so every place was taken (this is probably always the case) and no differe...

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10/15/2019 A Shirvani

✅ Trip Verified | The conditions in the airplane from Tel Aviv to Brussels and back were terrible! No space for legs at all, everything is old and dirty, no entertainment, restrooms are so tiny and very dirty, no service (which was not mentioned in the reservation). They didn't even serve a glass of water! What a disgrace! The f...

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10/6/2019 Marcin Buciak

✅ Trip Verified | Warsaw to Brussels. I had a great experience with Brussels Airlines. Legroom and seats very comfortable. There was one disadvantage-no snack, you had to purchase it but they were good quality. I would recommend their service.

9/28/2019 M Mee

Not Verified | Brussels to Barcelona. Worst flight ever. It started with a 1hr delay, no explanation. Then overbooking inducing more delays. No room for luggage. No food or drink (not even a glass of water) for free during the flight.

9/24/2019 Alexandre Papanastassiou

Not Verified | Flew Brussels Airlines from Brussels to Stockholm. Worst service ever in a flight maybe with the exception of one flight with Ryanair a few years ago. Personnel were an annoyance from the gate claiming I should check-in my luggage because I'd purchased some cookies at the airport duty free shops. Then they were l...

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9/20/2019 I Lymperopoulos

✅ Trip Verified | Geneva via Brussels. A great roundtrip with Brussels airlines. This time in their Business class with a very attentive service. On time both ways, prompt boarding, excellent announcements and articulated in a very clear manner. The catering was very decent for these short flights and the chocolate box to be ta...

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9/18/2019 Tara Achenbach

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to Manchester. I would like to start by saying I have been flying for over 25 years. This past week was my first time ever flying with Brussels Airlines and it will certainly be my last. I will ensure I nor anyone I know ever fly with this airline again. I have never had an airline be as unhelpful as ...

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9/17/2019 Marcin J, Airbus A330-200 (332) seat 33C

Today the flight operated by A332 (reg. OO-SFT) which is 20 yrs old. No personal air supplies over seats, relatively small leg space (I’m 185cm tall so will certainly suffer a bit), seat located just next to a lavatory).

9/14/2019 Victor Sale

✅ Trip Verified | Venice to Brussels, with an old A319-100. We checked in at their counter which was served from the S.A.V.E. group of the Airport of Venice, which treats you very sporty, no matter which airline their serving at that moment. As we had two pieces of luggage to check in and two carry-ons, he offered to check for ...

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8/11/2019 H Kim

Not Verified | Geneva to Venice via Brussels. One of the worst lost baggage experience ever. It is one thing losing your luggage - but the follow up process has been even worse. The flight from Geneva to Brussels was delayed by more than 1.5 hours, leaving only 40 minutes for the transit to the plane for Venice. In Brussels, we...

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8/8/2019 T Neale

✅ Trip Verified | My experience with Brussels Airlines has been the worst experience of my life and I vow never to fly them again. They lost my luggage, denied me and my daughters boarding due to expired visas that were renewable upon arrival, and generally have the absolute worst, most horrible check-in (boarding) staff I have...

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8/5/2019 M Carmeire

✅ Trip Verified | A flight within Europe on Brussels Airlines is nearly always a synonym for a very basic experience matched with a poor in flight service. This airline cannot decide what they want to be : a regular carrier or a cheap one. So all together the 2 systems in one plane. Business and economy with service, and econom...

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8/4/2019 Anne Kayem

✅ Trip Verified | Berlin to Douala via Brussels. This is a terrible airline to fly by. First all in Brussels we were kept waiting an extra 35 minutes after we had passed the boarding pass check, in a room without access to toilets or food. When we finally boarded it took nearly 45 minutes to get everything settled for take off....

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8/2/2019 Jeff Schryer

Not Verified | Tel Aviv to Manchester via Brussels. Appalling customer service. Didn’t recognise payments for cases despite credit card evidence. Then overbooked. Rarely answers emails and no information regarding compensation. Refuses to give information regarding legal options or ombudsman. Fails to inform when making payment...

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7/29/2019 Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to Toronto. Very friendly service. They helped with our trip planning and were really helpful went it came to handling my daughter's peanut allergy. Many Thanks,

7/28/2019 F Chendele

✅ Trip Verified | Marseille to Edinburgh via Bruxelles. A very bad experience with Brussels Airlines. The first flight SN3598 was supposed to take off at 13:20 local time and it did at 14:02 the boarding was delayed for some unknown reason. In Brussels I rushed to the boarding gate of my next flight SN2063, at the boarding gate...

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7/18/2019 V Marshall

✅ Trip Verified | Venice to Brussels. It was simply a scandalous experience. The seat was obviously not cleaned, quite some crumbs on it. Brussels Airlines is reducing its business class to experience lower as on a cheap charter flight. Ok, you receive a newspaper and a small bottle of still water. If you want a drink - a gin to...

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7/17/2019 Benedikt Loec

✅ Trip Verified | Business class from Tel Aviv via Brussels to Berlin. Brussels Airlines offers this connection, so should be able to manage the 55 minutes layover. Flight departed and arrived 30 minutes late, boarding for connecting flight had already ended when we arrived in Brussels. Business class is a normal row with sligh...

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6/30/2019 H Harris

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to Lyon. Flight cancelled one hour prior to boarding without any explanation. When asked at the desk, the answer was “operational reasons”. This is the most stupid and inconsiderate response an unhappy customer can get. Avoid this company as much as you can.