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6/22/2019 Daniel Mery

Not Verified | Jakarta to Tokyo Haneda. Best airline experience I've had of 2019, Crew was extremely friendly, food and beverages were excellent, The IFE was nice, But one improvement, The Wi-Fi, At first I was super excited as I connected, but it did not work at all. Other than that, this airline is awesome.

6/19/2019 Stevan Rusli

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Tokyo Narita. I love ANA, is the best airline in the world. The best ANA flight attendant service and very helpful. I want to fly to Japan using All Nippon Airways again.

6/14/2019 Rajat Garg

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Seattle via Tokyo. Awesome airline! Great service and very courteous and helpful staff. The seat pitch in economy was surprisingly quite comfortable for a long distance adventure like Delhi to Seattle, which without the Tokyo halt was almost 18 hours plus of flying time and even economy class turned out to be reasonably comfortable during this long route. Channel programming was also good and there were some great Hollywood new release movies to watch from, however I would have liked more movie content. We opted for Hindu Meal, Veg Meal and Jain Meal amongst us hoping to secure at least one good assortment in any of them. Although all of them were laid out well with fresh and high quality ingredients, unfortunately all of the lacked taste. The best amongst them was Hindu Veg Meal (if Indian food is your forte) although that too was served well but tasteless. They need to change their Indian chefs. Apart from the let down of getting a tasteless meal, the rest of the service cannot be faulted.

5/29/2019 Vanessa Aguirre

✅ Trip Verified | We were scheduled to fly from Hiroshima to Narita and from Narita to LAX. Our flight was 5 minutes delayed. After we boarded the plane we were on our way to Narita Airport. However the pilot could not land The first time it was due to crowd control. The second time it was due to weather. The third time he decided to change the destination to central Tokyo airport. We landed at central Tokyo airport which was the opposite direction we were heading and had to wait on the plane for about 30 min until we could get off. The staff was trying to figure out what to do. After we were allowed off the flight we had to go to a ticket counter and make new travel arrangements. We waited in line along side every other passenger on the same flight. When we were finally attended. We were told our only option was to take a train to Haneda and from there fly to LAX. We spend the day from 8am in Hiroshima until we reached the airport at Hañeda at 1230 am. We were each given $15000 yen for travel expenses. Because we had to take a couple trains and a bullet train to make it to Haneda airport My husband and I informed the clerk that our final destination was Las Vegas we had purchased separate tickets from American Airlines to get home in Las Vegas and due to the flight change we were going to lose our flight. She booked us airline tickets to LAX and apologized about our final destination being Las Vegas. So we lost our money on those tickets. I was very disappointed with this.

5/14/2019 Bob S, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 seat 15K

Plenty leg rooms however right arm rest is short

5/13/2019 Joan Noll

Not Verified | Los Angeles to Tokyo Narita. ANA business class FA and food was exceptionally good. Usually fly SQ for years and now will switch to ANA. Seats comfortable, nice amenities, Japanese food delicious. FA's always were personable, smiled and were genuinely willing to assist whenever needed. Flat bed can be done easily by yourself with a switch and comfortable in all positions. I was impressed with the entire experience.

5/6/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-8 (788) v1 seat 15C

Row 15 and thus Seat 15C as well has even more legroom than the other Premium Economy rows in ANAs 787-8 (Layout 1). For the long-haul flight from BRU to NRT, this was absolutely great. The seat also reclines quite a bit more than what I am used to from "regular" economy class seats in other airlines and it also comes with a fold-out legrest. Not quite like a lie-down business class seat of course, but very convenient all in all. I would defintely book that seat again...

5/5/2019 C Vargantes

✅ Trip Verified | First time flying with this airline with my family for a trip to Tokyo and back to Manila. Have to say, economy service here is better than some business class in other airlines. Tasty Japanese food, not sure if they have other menus for other routes Very polite, trained, patient and efficient crew with little to no language barrier. Seats had pretty good space with good inflight entertainment from the regular movies, episode of series but they also have current news, sports and my favorite touch, helpful how-to act, culture videos for Japan I am trying to think any negative or inconvenience and there was really none for these flights. I guess ground crew wise, there was a couple of gate switches but when I approached the ground crew they directed me promptly. Maybe they can just improve on letting the other passengers waiting know instead of waiting for people to come to them but no worries. Overall, best airline I've tried so far.

5/3/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) v2 seat 34D

seat does not recline, it just juts forward, but then your knees get stuck in the seat front of you. Very uncomfortable. Worst seats ANA (or any other airline) can offer.

5/1/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 767-300ER (763) v1 seat 21K

Flew with All Nippon Airways from Ho Chi Minh to Tokyo Narita. On 12 October 2018. A very enjoyable flight. The staff made us feel welcome and spoke very good English. The seats were very comfortable with plenty of leg room. We loved the was very edible. We could not fault this flight from the minute we boarded to the time we landed. Looking forward to flying with All Nippon Airways again.

4/25/2019 Tim Weber

Not Verified | ANA has one of the best business class seats that offer a lot of privacy and comfort. Even for a tall European of 1.85m the seat is long enough to find a comfortable sleeping position. Flight attendants are outstandingly friendly and attentive without being obtrusive or robotic, and from my experience they all speak very good English. Food quality was above average, but although the flight from Tokyo to Sydney is 9.5 hours, main meal service comes on one tray with appetizer and entree served at the same time, which I find not really reasonable. I found breakfast on this route rather bland and meagre, but flight attendants are happy to find some add-ons, e.g. a left-over cheese plate or so. Inflight entertainment is generally OK, but falls behind Singapore Airlines or Qatar in terms of choice of movies or music, at least the European/Western selection, they might have a better selection for Japanese, Korean, or Chinese taste.

4/13/2019 C Burtano

✅ Trip Verified | Tokyo to Mexico City. Flight was nice, Flight Attendants were helpful although meal selections were confusing for religious. Despite any meals matter, ANA showed me that they're a real 5 Star Airline.

4/8/2019 B Edwards

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Tokyo. The absolute best airline I’ve ever flown. If the price is close, I’ll always choose ANA in the future. Wonderful service, comfortable seat, great food, awesome lounge at Narita Airport in Japan. Can’t say enough great things about this airline.

4/7/2019 A Kakhadilkar

✅ Trip Verified | Tokyo Haneda to Bangkok. I wish to put on record the wonderful service I and my son received on your flight on 31 March 2019. The flight attendants were smiling and ever helpful. So was the airport staff. Thank you and keep it up.

4/6/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) v1 seat 13D

ANA business class is awesome!!If you want to fly on ANA then either book First or Business class.If you can't afford that then book Premium Economy.

4/6/2019 R Banturno

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Tokyo. Flight is nice, but there's a lack information about what kind of food that they serve. A confusion regarding beef/ pork, so it wasn't easy for me as religious one. Mostly I ordered Kosher Meal from website, but this time I choose to search manual by menu and a knowledge by the staff was minus. Overall, it's good flight!

4/6/2019 Nick Buckley

✅ Trip Verified | We bought return tickets for 2 seats. The idea was that each of our kids would sit on our laps for the whole flight. We had problems with check-in because since our seats are side by side in a 3-3-3 seat configuration, oxygen masks that drop in an emergency is 4 per 3 seats. This means that one parent and child sharing a seat can have a mask, along with the two other customers. The solution is to move the third customer in the row of 3 seats to another available seat, or separate the parents into two different rows of the plane. To avoid confusion at check-in, and to save them the trouble of having to shuffle customers around at the last second, we offered to purchase a third seat today for our return flight. We were declined and told we had to cancel our tickets and buy new tickets. This was poor service. As a result, we are stuck with the stress of possibly being separated for the flight back. It shows the blatant disconnect and lack of knowledge between the people you talk on the phone, and the products they offer. To clarify, they did manage to keep us together for our flight here (they had a customer in the third seat beside us.) Had we known about this over the phone when we bought the tickets, we would have bought the third seat in the first place.

4/1/2019 Catherine Liu

✅ Trip Verified | Vancouver to Tokyo. This is our first time flying ANA and what a delightful experience. We flew JAL last year in Economy and Business Class and it was a huge disappointment. On our flight in Economy class was 3x3x3 across in seating and we were in rows 29 and 30 GH. Even when the seat infront of us was reclined, there was still ample space and we did not feel closed in at all. The plane felt new and very clean with a fantastic entertainment selection of top run movies. I had time to watch almost 4 movies, Hollywood selection along with foreign speaking films in Korean, French, and Chinese. The cabin crew that we had was fantastic! Everyone was so friendly and helpful and made us feel like VIP unlike other airline crews that you feel did not want to help. The crew always had a smile and extremely friendly. As for our meals, we chose the hamburger salisbury with potatoes and it was delicious. It had 2 cold appetizers and both were excellent. One was like an imitation crab salad and the other an aspic with spinach. A french red or white along with a white sparkling wine were offered as well as sake. Our second meal was a tuna croissant with a yogurt and apple slices. The mini tuna croissant was also very tasty. We really enjoyed our flight on All Nippon from YVR to HND as the plane was so comfortable with great air quality and not too hot in the cabin. The seats were not all cramped together and perhaps it is because it is 3 3 3 across iso so many planes now at 3 4 3 across. We will never fly JAL ever again as it is so inferior compared to ANA. We will definitely be flying with ANA in the future.

3/26/2019 John S, Boeing 767-300ER (763) v2 seat 5A

Really old plane with ancient recliner seats and tiny tv monitors that slide up out of the arm. Terrible avod system

3/10/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) v1 seat 40A

Terrible - the seats don't recline. Contact ANA and they said the seat base moves but they disabled the recline so as not to disturb passengers behind. 12 hour flight, no recline, rubbish.