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5/24/2019 B Barnes

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to Zagreb via Split. Very friendly service, aircraft and seats clean and comfortable. Usually using this airline, business meals for such short flights (45 mins both sectors FCO SPU and SPU ZAG). Friendly atmosphere, quick boarding and flights on time. Generous baggage policy.

5/12/2019 K Novak

✅ Trip Verified | It was my first time with Croatia Airlines and I was completely satisfied. For a little company everything was proper on time and quite comfortable. I do not expect miracles on a short budget line, but there are unpleasant surprises - this time they were gone.

3/27/2019 Bojan Boznik

✅ Trip Verified | This was my first time that I used Croatia Airlines to fly from Brussels to Zagreb (round trip). I was very satisfied with the flights. The crew were perfect and the planes where clean and the service good. I love to fly with DASH 8 Q400. I recommend Croatia Airliens.

12/1/2018 Patrick O'Brien

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Zagreb. I had a very bad experience with Croatia Airlines. My luggage was lost, alongside several other passengers on the same flight. Croatia Airlines just did not care. Over the next 5 days, I repeatedly contacted customer service and registered a claim, no response. With very few belongings, I repu...

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11/24/2018 V Kirmic

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Dubrovnik. My second time flying with Croatia Airlines. As usual delays are present, but would not mind that. On the reservation we was informed that we will fly A320 instead we flew with DHC 8. Crew were polite and nice, we got some nice snacks and drinks. Overall, could be better but they try ha...

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10/24/2018 G Renjika

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Split. The flight was more than four hours delayed - with no explanation delivered at any point - and the compensation claim process has so far yielded nothing but a case number and automated responses. Croatia Airlines’ automated customer care number simply hangs up at some point - no matter how yo...

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9/23/2018 Pierre Ferrandi

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Dubrovnik. Nothing exceptional, just a typical European carrier with not much on board their airplane. The Pros: Friendly staff, Clean airplane, Snack and drinks. The Cons: Really tight fit even with slim seats (I am 5’10 and there was less than 2’’ spare space), No real Business (just empty middl...

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8/27/2018 V Korjanic

✅ Trip Verified | Zagreb to Lisbon operated by SmartLinx Airlines. No information about the change of the operating airline, not even when boarding the aircraft at the gate. Flight itself nothing special, only with less legroom due to the high-density configuration of SmartLinx A320. From Lisbon to Zagreb operated by Croatia Ai...

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8/12/2018 S Damarovic

✅ Trip Verified | Munich to Sarajevo via Zagreb. Upon my arrived to the Sarajevo Airport I noticed my luggage was damaged. After reporting this to the luggage claim desk and signing the official claim (after their inspection), I wrote to the Croatia Airlines and sent all required documentation. Their answer was they need the in...

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7/30/2018 Carlos Silva

✅ Trip Verified | Lisbon to Zagreb. Cabin staff unprofessional and ignoring simple passenger requests. I filled a form to become member of Frequent flyer program and got no feedback until present. Very poor meals onboard. The flight was late, behind schedule. My luggage was broken and Croatia Airlines ignored my claim. They do ...

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7/8/2018 Lynne Cain

Not Verified | Gatwick to Split. Check in was one of the fastest we have encountered, desk opened early. Our flight to Split was comfortable. Enough leg room. Plane clean, one of the cleanest we have been on in economy. 18 year old A320. Staff smart and friendly. Small enjoyable snack given plus drinks, all included in price. P...

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9/10/2017 Lukas Slehofer

✅ Verified Review | Zagreb to Prague. Terrible airline. Massive delays (3 hours and more) on all flights. No feedback on info line, no compensation at the airport. There are much better possibilities instead of this airline, even car is better and faster than this joke called Croatia Airlines.

6/7/2017 W Robert Kmen

✅ Verified Review | Zagreb to Frankfurt. Despite the fact that Croatia Airlines extended a special courtesy to me as an airline memorabilia collector, for which I am quite grateful, I cannot rate the flight itself very positively. Business class check-in was polite and quick, and the flight attendants onboard were courteous and...

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3/12/2017 Ray Kay

✅ Verified Review | London Heathrow to Zagreb. I fly often between UK and Croatia where I keep my boat. Croatia Airlines tries hard to be a "proper" airline not a budget flyer and generally succeeds. The staff are polite, pleasant, friendly and work hard to provide good service. The plane is always clean and the inflight magazin...

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2/6/2017 Martin, Airbus A319 (319) seat 6A

Pleasant flight. Enough space. Service was a snack and a drink. Friendly staff.

2/2/2017 Martin, Bombardier Q400 (DH4) seat 10A

Seats are indeed the same. Legspace even better than I had on the longer trip with the A320. Noisy flight because it is a propellor plane. I was under the wing. You're probably best of in either the front or the back (a bit less noisy I suppose)... My chosen seat in row 10 was occupied, so picked another one. Isle seat has more ...

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2/2/2017 Martin, Airbus A320 (320) seat 12A

Based on the seatmap I choose row 12, but the best seats are in row 10 since only in those row there are exits... Flight was fine, plenty of space left, nice staff, nice Croatian snack

12/1/2016 Nenad Polic

Paris CDG to Zagreb and Zagreb to Sarajevo round trip. Paris trip was good, eu-standard, no excitements, no disappointments. Professional staff, o.k. food/beverages, clean aircraft. Just what you need for a short flight: to be on time, to have enough space for a nap, decent cup of coffee and good apple juice. Sarajevo flight is ...

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11/17/2016 Ivan, Bombardier Q400 (DH4) seat 6C

I had an excellent flight on the Dash 8 Q400 from Zagreb to Brussels, the cabin crew was very hospitable and the snack we got onboard was very interesting and it consisted of Taralini with olives and cheese. The legroom was pretty average but since it was a relatively short flight it was sufficient.

10/11/2016 Arie, Bombardier Q400 (DH4) seat 2D

This Croatia Airlines short flight in Business Class from DBV to FCO was great! With just an hour & ten minutes the crew did a full drink & snack service. The airline made an effort to add some thought to offer a Business Class service on a commuter plane. The two and two configuration was to be expected but the pitch (for a s...

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