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6/21/2019 Shephali Parikh

Not Verified | New York JFK to Zurich. We have a flight tomorrow leaving from JFK at 6:10 PM. I received a text message at 10 PM stating my flight to Zurich is cancelled without stating anything additional. We have booked all of our flights through Swiss and therefore have a connecting flight to Naples and then Rome back to JFK. They had the audacity to hang up twice. No other solutions were offered. We even offered to drive to Philadelphia which is a 2 hour drive and even greater during rush hour but they said they are not able to. When asked about the flight being cancelled, their response was technical issues. No mention of refund was made during the phone conversation. Once I mentioned the refund, they then wanted to refer me to another department, kept me on hold for 30+ minutes and then automatic hang up. Is this a duping strategy. I have hotels booked for 7 days. I have connecting flights booked. I have airport transfers arranged. I also paid for my baggage. I even have my phone conversation recorded. I don't understand how an airline has no answers.

6/14/2019 L Samaras

✅ Trip Verified | Sao Paulo to Zurich. My first flight with Swiss was definitely a surprise. Outstanding service both before and during the flight (apart from the long queue at the bag drop desks shared with Lufthansa). The plane was new and with a very pleasant interior (IFE was quite good as well, bathrooms were super clean and with amenities, you don't usually find in economy class). The crew was warm and definitely went the extra mile in making us feel welcome on board. Food was filling and well balanced (drinks served in proper bottles and cans) and the galley was full of high-quality snacks for the whole length of the flight. Definitely, an airline to recommend and, in my humble opinion, that should get more credit.

6/10/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-300 (333) seat 23A

this was the "tightest" and worst seat i´ve ever had long haul. minimal legroom, very narrow width. all exceptionally claustrophobic. swiss take 50 eu´s extra for this "preferred" (???) seat. why?? the armrest can not be lifted making it impossible to get out when 22A is fully reclined without waking row in front. with 22A fully reclined it´s also impossible to use laptop or read. i´m not a particularly large person but i couldn´t pull table flat either. a horribly uncomfarotable flight. good crew and catering but will never fly swiss long haul again. returned in 23B...just as bad.

6/10/2019 Domi S, Airbus A340-300 (343) seat A37

Quite Seat. In the legroom is the box for the IFE. There was power available at the Place

6/10/2019 K Ganavidis

✅ Trip Verified | London to Geneva. Flying in business class I was expecting a hot meal, which used to be very nice on Swiss flights. Unfortunately they have stopped it and now business class passengers can get a sandwich or anything else from the menu that is presented for charge to economy passengers. This is a disgrace for a full service airline charging for its supposedly premium service. Unfortunately I will fly with them again as they normally are cheaper then BA on LHR GVA route, but they can forget me in the business class.

6/9/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 10K

Although you would think it would be nice and more spacious (as well as not having to bother your aisle seatmate), the single seats in business are horribly claustrophobic. Foot space is very small but the worst part is when you recline to flat bed the seat starts lowering and lowering and you are sucked into this space that seems like a tomb. So weird as every other flat bed I've ever flown on the seat simply moves forward and the back reclines. Not this plane! I paid a bit more for this seat thinking it would feel more spacious and I will never reserve this single seat again. I was so uncomfortable and it was so hot, and yes...I'm a bit claustrophobic so it was not nice. It would have been fine if it didn't lower so much as the seat itself is comfortable.

6/9/2019 Ferran, Airbus A320 (320) v2 seat 6C

I had booked seat 6A and I was informed by the boarding agents at the gate that my seat was changed for 6C without prior notice =( Legroom is okay for 2h flights (I wouldn't recommend it for longer trips). Width is alright (Airbus A320 always better than Boeing 737). No entertainment provided. As a food, just a chocolate bar was offered. Bring and fresh cabin.

6/9/2019 Ferran, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 23K

I sat in 23K on a 12 hour flight from Zurich to Singapore. The seat was comfortable thanks it is an emergency exit seat, standard seats are a little bit narrow for your legs. The IFE's were very responsive and I liked the games they provide. Movies and shows selection are not bad. No power outlets but USB port under the IFE. The food was very good and tasty. SWISS provide a blaket, a pillow and some earphones, the blanket was alright but the pillow was way to small for a 12 hour flight. The earphones are like those ones nobody will never use. I had a really good experience with SWISS and I would recomend them.

6/9/2019 Peter Joustra

✅ Trip Verified | Zurich to Brussels, worst nightmare ever. Flight LX788 cancelled. No information why. Had to rebook with 400 other passengers. 2 desks open. No movement for multiple hours. Rebooked to 1 day later at 21.00. Where to stay? No information. Rented a car and drove back home. Luggage still lost. Never again Swiss.

6/6/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A321 (321) v1 seat 20F

The seat was ok for the 2 hour flight but there were problems. The legroom was good, I could stretch my legs (im 1,71m), and it has 1.5 windows. The problem is it doesn't have a air vent so it can get really stuffy. The second inconvenience is that the screen is far. But thats not really a problem as there wasn't much to see anyway.

5/31/2019 D Marlen

✅ Trip Verified | Geneva to Singapore via Zurich. As this was a long haul flight to Singapore from Zurich, two meals were served. Though the food for the first meal was tolerable, the second one was mind boggling to say the least. I expected some level of quality even from the economy segment. When the complete set for breakfast was served, I checked the menu that was handed out to see if what was served was exactly what was printed. On my tray were a sealed container containing an omelette, a bread roll and sealed utensils. No food tray. The breakfast menu stated: Omelette with mushrooms + etc, bread roll, butter, jam, yoghurt and seasonal fruit salad. As to how it was served made me chuckle, and at the end, was in disbelief. They did not ask if I wanted a drink. She walked off and another stewardess dropped a sealed set of utensils. At that point I figured it was time to eat (?) - but lo and behold, a steward followed suit handing bread rolls to everyone and it was just dumped on top of my food container. I took a photo of both the menu and the breakfast set, and compared this to the breakfast that Singapore Airlines provide for long haul flights. Service with a smile was non-existent on my Swiss flight. . More power to you and unfortunately for me and my family, we have pre-booked several flights with Swiss Air. Shame.

5/26/2019 X Yen

✅ Trip Verified | Zurich to Singapore. The lady at the bag drop off counter in Zurich was rude. I went over to drop off my bag and she just stares at me until I asked "Do you need my boarding pass" and she simply nodded and rolled her eyes. After she was done, she just handed over the boarding pass without saying a single word. So rude. I have never met airline or airport staff this rude before. So unexpected of Swiss.

5/25/2019 M Carsein

✅ Trip Verified | Zurich to Seville via Munich. Terrible experience with Swiss. On my initial flight booking the last leg was cancelled and Swiss did not automatically rebook me. I noticed this by coincidence in my profile. I then called them to rebook the missing segment which they did. However the just rebooked the segment but forgot to reissue the ticket which after several days resulted in an automatic cancellation by their system. When I wanted to check in on day before departure a message popped up saying that the booking had been cancelled. When I called Swiss again the initial flight had meanwhile been sold out and I spent two hours on the phone with them until an early morning alternative was found which was not convenient for me at all but which I had to accept due to lack of alternatives. It did not stop here however. After two hours it turned out that the ticket had again not been re-issued and I had to call them again at 2 a.m. in the morning. Worst experience ever with an airline.

5/22/2019 W Robert Kmen

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Zurich. I had eagerly anticipated this flight with Swiss because of their reputation. The mechanics of the flight went well. Check-in was quick and efficient, we departed and arrived punctually, and the plane was clean and neat. But Swiss uniquely uses a 1-2-2, 2-2-1 configuration. Seat Guru colors the first row of business class as green, but I don't see why. The so-called throne seats are certainly superior, but I didn't think they would be worth the premium that Swiss charges to select one. I was wrong. Yes, Swiss charges business class passengers to select seats. The paired seats at the windows are narrow, not particularly comfortable, and lacking in room to place your electronics without them falling on the floor or between the seats. Swiss also charges business class passengers to use WiFi. I would expect this on Spirit or Southwest, but not long haul on a 4 star airline. And then there was the meal. I chose the beef cheek, which came in a very tasty sauce, but two thirds of the meat was fat and gristle. In sum, this flight was a disappointment. I was considerably happier with seats, food, and service on my China Eastern domestic flight. Go figure.

5/20/2019 Iwan Rostamkhan

Not Verified | Amsterdam to Bangkok via Zurich. Pay special attention when you book a flight with Swiss where you have to make a transfer in Zurich. Swiss offers a ticket for Amsterdam to Bangkok with a connection time of 1 hour and 25 minutes, which they cannot live up to practically. This company is always at least 1 hour late, whereby the race to the gate is blown. Before my trip I followed the flight lx729 (ams to Zurich) for two weeks and was delayed 1 hour to 2 hours every day and coincidentally the day I flew also longer than 1 hour delay. Although the connecting flight had waited, I still made it. Furthermore, the food, the plane and the service is good. But because of the stress of whether I would make the connecting flight or not, my trip did not start in a relaxed way, so I will no longer take a flight with transfer less than 2 hours with Swiss. Let goed op wanneer je een vlucht boekt met Swiss air waarbij je een overstap moet maken in Zürich. Swiss air bied een ticket aan voor Amsterdam naar Bangkok met een connectie tijd van 1 uur en 25min, wat zij praktisch gezien niet kunnen waarmaken. Deze maatschappij is altijd minimaal 1uur te laat waarbij het rennen naar de gate is geblazen. Ik heb voor mijn reis twee weken lang de vlucht lx729(ams naar Zürich) gevolgd en had elke dag 1 uur tot 2uur vertraging en toevallig de dag dat ik vloog ook langer dan 1uur vertraging. Hoewel de aansluitende vlucht wel had gewacht heb ik deze toch gehaald. Verder is het eten, het vliegtuig en de service goed. Maar door de stress of ik de aansluitende vlucht zou halen of niet begon mijn trip niet bepaald relax, waardoor ik een vlucht met overstap korter dan 2uur met Swiss air niet meer zal nemen.

5/19/2019 T Han

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Zurich. Nice legroom for emergency exit row 23, but the seat is extremely narrow even for a slim Asian man. Food is terrible and cabin crew didn't give me a smile.

5/18/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 24A

this seat, and pretty well every seat in coach is extremely cramped - despite the airline stating that the seat in front has no recline, the seat in front reclines so far that you are literally sitting with someone's head in your lap and you cannot get out of your seat or reach anything you have on the floor. I do not recommend any of the economy seats on this flight unless you have the seats with extra legroom. Swiss really crams people in and has no thought for customer comfort at all.

5/17/2019 somerandomcat, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 44A

I sat in 44A on a 12 hour flight from Zurich to Singapore. The seat was really comfortable even though the legroom could've been a bit better. The IFE's were very responsie even though the film selection could've also been better. Unfortunatley there were no power outlets but USB port under the IFE. The food was also very good and tasty. SWISS also provide a blaket, a pillow and some earphones, the blanket was alright but the pillow was way to small for a 12 hour flight. I had a really good experience with SWISS and I would defenetly recomend them.

5/16/2019 S Lauder

✅ Trip Verified | Zurich to Rome. Flight was delayed both times and even was cancelled on the return trip due to "unexpected flight safety shortcomings" which is maybe a way of saying we don't have enough passengers on that flight to make it profitable and thus decided to cancel that flight and move passengers to the next flight! They didn't even bother to inform me that the flight was cancelled up front and I had to find out when trying to check in.

5/13/2019 S Tegtmeier

✅ Trip Verified | Zurich to Rome return. Very good experience on both flights. Zurich airport is a fantastic hub with good train connections, a lot of available seats and free WIFI for two hours. Airside center has a great atmosphere with a lot of bars, restaurants and shops (but expensive). Check in took only a minute in Zurich and in Rome. On both flights full bar service and a free snack were included. Swiss chocolate at the end oft he flight is a nice touch. Cabin was in good condition, seats were comfortable, only the lavatories in newer A320 are very small. Flight back from Rome was delayed by 30 minutes due to snow in Zurich, the crew could have given more information about that. Nevertheless we had two great flights with Swiss.