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7/3/2019 B van den Heuvel

✅ Trip Verified | Dussseldorf to Kaunas via Warsaw. Hoping to fly to Kaunas, but after spend some time at the Dusseldorf International airport the destination changed to "Annulliert". There is no LOT crew or service desk at the airport so you can only try to contact them by phone. After several attempts of more then 30 minutes hold the line music I went home. Don't expect any service at this airline.

6/30/2019 Eran Rotholz

✅ Trip Verified | Oslo to Tel Aviv via Warsaw. My flight was canceled while we have been waiting in the airport after check-in without any early notices! We found out only from information on the screen! The didn't given any reason or answer because there were LOT counters in the airport. We had to contact them by phone waiting a long time for an answer. We didn't get any refund! Very bad service!

6/25/2019 Ferran, Embraer 175 (E75) seat 20C

Great short flight with an E175. Seat width and pitch were excelent! Cabin crew offered water, coffee and teas and a chocolate table bar, they managed to give us everyone despite the short flight time.

6/23/2019 John Hollow

❎ Not Verified | Tokyo to Tel Aviv via Warsaw. In one word nightmare. The first time im gave them a try and will never happen again. The connection flight has been delayed 8 times and they gave us one voucher to survive in the airport unbelievable. I am so dissolved, they ruined our vacation.

6/22/2019 L Huang

✅ Trip Verified | It is terrible airline. I had a flight from Amsterdam to Wroclaw. The flight transferred in Warsaw. The first flight delayed in 2 hours and then I missed the second flight to Wroclaw. Therefore, I have to wait more 4 hours in the airport to take another flight to Wroclaw. So I lost total 1 day in the airport. It is waste a lot of time.

6/22/2019 J Delker

✅ Trip Verified | Was originally booked Tbilisi to Dusseldorf via Warsaw on a flight supposed to depart around 4am from Tblisi, having only 55m to connect in Warsaw. Only after booking the ticket I found online the on time performance of LOT's flights from Tblisi is abysmal, with a delay of an hour or more happening almost every day the flight is operated. And indeed, when I arrived to the airport I found out the incoming aircraft was delayed, which would mean missing my connection in Warsaw. However, the ground staff in Tblisi managed to rebook me on Lufthansa flights via Munich, meaning I arrived on time and received much better service than I expected on LOT. All in all a good experience.

6/13/2019 Mitchel Soltys

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Warsaw. Due to minor health issue where I just need extra leg room, I purchased a seat with space for extra fees. For no reason provided, it was changed. When I brought to LOT attention, they said they have their list and I did not purchase the seat I claimed. They were not interested to see my ticket printed and kept saying I did not purchase it. Essentially calling me a liar. To make the situation worse, they offered for additional substantial money to upgrade to 1st class. I am Polish and old school, so I have seen Polish hospitality, but LOT's behaviour was rude and appalling. All passengers around my seat got quite upset by LOT's behaviour. Dear LOT, you have a long way to be professional. There are options to fly to Poland and you have lost 10 passengers forever. To readers, be careful, as LOT is apparently doing you a favour to have you aboard. Replies I received from LOT are a joke and this behaviour is corporate culture. This is not a question of what is legal, but what is decent, common sense and polite.

6/13/2019 M Walter

✅ Trip Verified | The booking and the flight itself were very smooth and no issues occurred. A very cosy and 'family-like' atmosphere was distinguishable on board. The Embraer operating on route to London City (LCY) is a brand new one, however its legroom is not as good as it is in the older LOT's Embraers. A small refreshment which consisted of a cup of tea/coffee and a glass of water, followed by a chocolate bar were comprehensive for such a short flight. The prices of other food and drinks on board were however reasonable. The crew were quite attentive and really kind in contact with passengers, though during most of the flight they were seating in the back part of the airplane and talking to each other. The thing that in my opinion could be improved is the communication between the pilots and the passengers - it would be a nice touch if they informed passengers about e.g. the waiting time for landing (as it is mostly done in British Airways before landing in London).

6/8/2019 Monika Linkov

Not Verified | Billund to Warsaw. I fly with Lot Polish airlines more that once per month to different locations in Europe and China. The flights are normally on time, with some minor delays from Warsaw airport in the afternoons, especially on Sunday evenings. My Monday early morning flight to Brussels was cancelled once, but I received an SMS an afternoon in advance which I appreciated. As a frequent flyer, I have an access to business lounges in many countries. I use LOT insurance on trip cancellations in case of sickness. I used it once and I could claim my money back from the insurer. Although the procedure was a bit extended, and not enough information on it on lot website, but it worked out in the end. The thing that I find really annoying is the telephone customer service that is impossible to reach outside of regular working hours and at the weekends. Would be also recommended to keep the frequent flyer number associated with the login details so I do not need to enter it every time I check in online. When the last two are improved, I could spread a good word on the airline. Also Warsaw airport misses plugs to charge phones!

6/4/2019 J Stanenski

✅ Trip Verified | Kraków to Singapore via Warsaw. This time I survived with minor delays, and I have to say that it usually occurs on domestic flight much more than on long haul. The aircraft was clean, but one reason how I chose my carrier is the level of service provided. The WAW-SIN leg was super unpleasant for me. It was messy, no smiling. I felt like a 4th class passenger on the kettle wagon, like the biggest burden on their shoulders. I even tried to be nice, bothered them as little as possible, but they looked bitter and unhappy with what they were doing. Are they forced to work there? I can hardly recall an unpleasant crew like they were. On my return it was a bit better and tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, yet my conclusion is that I will choose another airline for my long haul flights.

5/25/2019 Sebastian Liksza

✅ Trip Verified | Poor experience with LOT Polish Airlines. I flew from GDN to Yerevan via WAW and back from Tbilisi. All 4/4 flight segments delayed. According to history and statistics this occurs for weeks almost without exceptions - the airline has significant problems with capacity and reliability. I didn't reach connection flight. Although medium haul (3-4 h) segments the airline chartered old and uncomfy (worse than LCC) airplanes. I have never seen such mess and lack of professionalism during boarding and disembarking plane. Poor service on board - only advantage are quite affordable refreshments prices. Cabin staff quite OK,

5/24/2019 M Keda

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Krakow via Warsaw. This was the worst flight I’ve ever been, after delaying my flight for 2 hours for no reason and making us miss our connecting flight to Krakow and there was no people to help us when we landed in Warsaw. Then they got us a charter bus which took 8 hours, instead of a 55 min flight. The flight attendants had nasty attitudes. I would never recommend this airline to anyone!

5/21/2019 Kacper R, Boeing 737 MAX 8 (7M8) seat 14F

I love LOT's tall backrests on new 737-8s, which offer more privacy than with other airlines, as well as adjustable headrests. However - watch out, the emergency exit row seats in all LOT 737-8 planes are horrible! Seat cushions are all shorter and unless you have a tiny bottom, you will probably find them uncomfortable. Leg room is still ample in emergency rows.

5/15/2019 G Partacz

✅ Trip Verified | Krakow to Warsaw. I never met such mess, unpleasant crew, lack of punctuality. I take LOT several time within last months and met significant delays, lack of luggage delivery on time, dirty planes. This is the worst airline I ever met.

5/12/2019 L Karmitsza

✅ Trip Verified | Gdansk to Warsaw. I had this unpleasantness to fly with LOT lines, in an instant I became a lady and a mister, my boarding cards sow that. How can two tickets be issued to the same person? The level of ground passenger service at a very low level. The whole trip is quite average.

5/10/2019 Brian Jensen

Not Verified | Warsaw to Copenhagen. I have used LOT a few times now and every single time the planes are late for departure. I am boarding a plane now and I will never ever use this airline again. If you are not in a hurry LOT is fine - if in a hurry better choose someone else. 2/10 = last time flying LOT.

5/9/2019 M Pamita

✅ Trip Verified | Warsaw to Krakow. This airline is unreliable, if you value your time avoid at all cost. Constant delays and cancellations. Any connecting flights with LOT are a huge risk. It’s always the same excuse for delays “operational reasons”

5/4/2019 A Kusnierczak

✅ Trip Verified | It was a pleasant journey onboard LOT Polish Airlines. Round trip from Krakow to Bucharest. All flights were on time, and boarding was reliable, the cabin crew was amicable. It is a high-speed connection with a beautiful view of the Carpathian Mountains.

5/2/2019 Andriy Mykhaylivskyy

✅ Trip Verified | Lviv to Nice via Warsaw. LOT Polish Airlines is the worst airline. I recently traveled from LWO-NCE via WAW and my flight landed in Milan. I was suppose to land in Nice France. Which is 500 kilometers from Milan. LOT polish airlines told passengers they need to find there own way at their own cost to get to Nice. Passengers that want to go back to Warsaw and get rebooked had to wait 2 days since LOT doesn’t Fly daily to NCE. I had to pay $75 for a train which took 8 hours and $25 for a metro. All in all why fly with an airline and pay them money when they can’t even get you to your destination on time or even to where you need to get. This is the 4th time this year LOT screwed me over. I am done. Lucky European laws will get me my compensation for this canceled and humiliating flight.

4/30/2019 Joanna Michalska

✅ Trip Verified | LOT must be the worst airline I have used. On the flight from Kiev to Warsaw, my luggage came back with wheel ripped off. Their online claim policy for damage luggage has a 7 days limit. I have filled up their online claim form twice. After submitting the form you don't receive an instant confirmation email. The customer service told me to wait 5 days then contact them or submit the form again if I dont hear from them. Submitted the form twice, waited.... and nothing. The only number they have is to automated phone line service and you actually can't talk to anyone. You can contact the advisor via live chat, which is pretty useless and they tell you to submit the form again. I would give 0 points if I could. Unhelpful, unreliable, with bad constructed system. Avoid at all cost.