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9/21/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 seat 2B

Lots of room no matter what position the seat ahead of you is in. As I flew the exact same seat in 4 back to back flights I can tell you service will be good to excellent depending on the crew.

9/10/2019 Nick Gomez-Kling

Not Verified | Washington to Santiago via Panama. Worst flight experience i have had on both my flight to and from santiago. Never have i experienced such filthy planes and horrible service. The employees on the ground are incredibly rude and unhelpful, one even told me the wrong gate during my connection despite me asking 3 t...

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9/1/2019 G Han

✅ Trip Verified | Bogota to Vancouver via Denver. They lost our baggage during our stopover maybe San Francisco or Panama and we didn't get our luggage until three days. Plus when we got to the check-in counter at Bogota airport, we had to wait for almost one hour just because all the staff at the counter had no idea how to han...

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8/24/2019 Karin Menon

Not Verified | Toronto to Lima to Havana. I was pleasantly surprised after reading all the negative ratings and comments about Copa. I enjoyed this airline far more than for example Air Canada, which gives you neither food nor alcoholic drinks and was late for all my flights. Copa was spot on time, my vegetarian meal was great,...

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8/8/2019 Helio Lima

Not Verified | My wife and I flew from Vancouver to Rio de Janeiro to visit relatives and a much needed vacation. On our flight back to Vancouver we experienced the worst customer services to date. The aircraft for our flight from Panama City to Denver came to the gate with a slight delay (no problem, that happens), we boarded ...

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8/2/2019 Saony Trejo

Not Verified | The mint, but the customer service when it comes to helping the passenger is the worst that my family and I have experienced! To make use of the voucher that Copa provides passengers with compensation for their bad service, to use that voucher is even worse! 5 failed attempts to use it. The staff they have cannot...

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7/26/2019 Mati Fernandez

Not Verified | Asunción to Boston via Panama City. Very good airline, I really recommend it. Crew is friendly, and food is kind of good. The IFE is really poor though. The seat is much better than what I thought because of the price. It’s the fastest way to travel from the South America to North America/ Caribbean

7/26/2019 Estela Bruzon

✅ Trip Verified | Copa Airlines customer service is the worst. I bought 5 tickets for my family members and I chose Bank Transfer. The same day I went to my Bank and made the transfer. All of this was done On July 12th, today July 25th, after 15 calls and spoken to even the same representative twice, Copa airlines says that eve...

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7/15/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-700 (73G) seat 22A

Great service! Leg room was a bit choking since i was flying for three hours but other than that AMAZING!

7/13/2019 Christy Han

✅ Trip Verified | San Francisco to Aruba via Panama City. Worst and horrible customer service ever from the check in counter desk representatives in San Francisco Airport who work for Copa Air! We arrived airport 5 minute late before their 1 hour departure window and missed the flights. It’s not the fact that we missed the flig...

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7/11/2019 L Ravelle

✅ Trip Verified | Panama City to Quito. Horrible business class seats, barely reclining. No feet rest. No plugs for electronic devices. Food is despicable. Friendly staff doing their best. Customer center at Panama Tocumen overwhelmed. One agent and 40 people waiting for service. Other desks at different locations have broken d...

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7/5/2019 Y C Chee

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Medellin via Panama City. As a first time visitor to the United States, we had traveled all the way from Malaysia, after almost 16 to 20 hours flight, we were preparing for our next flight. It was at LAX when we were told we couldn't board the flight to Colombia because we did not have a visa. N...

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6/30/2019 M Roberts

❎ Not Verified | Rio de Janeiro to Boston via Panama. Poor communication-terrible troubleshooting! This airline is horrible. They don’t provide enough information to be useful to their passengers. Booked a business class trip to Brazil via Panama with an agent. Four flights later arrive in Rio 24hrs later even though there were ...

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6/26/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-800 (738) v1 seat 5A

I do not understand why this seat is marked as "green", once it has reduced seat width and also for legs (you don't have a seat in front you, so for tall people the space for legs are shorter than other premium seats.

6/25/2019 Vladimir Rouvinski

✅ Trip Verified | Cali to Buenos Aires via Panama City. This was my first travel with Copa after a few years. I saw many improvements: newer planes, comfortable seats, smiling flight attendants, good catering and inflight entertainment on longer flights. All fights were on time. I think Copa will become my new choice for flight...

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6/24/2019 Janie Perez

Not Verified | First and last time I fly Copa Airlines. We arrived at the airport 2.5 hours prior to boarding time and we had to run to our gate. I don't know what takes this company so long to check people in. Copa check in was the only check in area that had a completely full line because they spend like 10 minutes per passen...

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6/14/2019 Nancy Alava

Not Verified | Quito to Panama via Orlando. Worst experience to date. I have been flying on Copa Airlines for the last 5 years or so, traveling at least once a year. The food used to be good quality, like real food, cooked to perfection, and they offered pretty much every drink you could want. Now I see the steady decline on th...

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6/10/2019 E Geare

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Sao Paulo via Panama City. The aircraft is rather dated, but the flight crew does their best. The problems are divided between quality and service Quality. The food is fair at best, There is no WiFi. Some planes have no power supply or private video. Seat are just ok. Service - the flight crew a...

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6/8/2019 Mark P, Boeing 737-800 (738) v2 seat 18F

Great legroom Exit row

6/8/2019 Shawnta Pride

Not Verified | Two days before my flight was scheduled to leave from Orlando to Panama City then to Costa Rica on May 14, 2019, my 17-year old daughter went to ER and was admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery the same day. I communicated with Expedia (purchased tickets through them). Expedia had me to send info from ho...

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