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10/21/2019 C Smith

✅ Trip Verified | Maputo to Ouagadougou via Addis Ababa. The flight left nearly on time. The aircraft was clean. The cabin staff were nice but too few of them. They took a very long time to serve the in-flight meal. They only spoke a basic level of English. There is no individual entertainment system, only some tiny shared scre...

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10/9/2019 A Magnus

✅ Trip Verified | Abuja to Johannesburg via Addis Ababa. Ethiopian Airline is the worst airline in my life to use. Flight Attendants are extremely rude and ignore passengers. My experience was they behaved like they were forced to work. Customer service, especially for their local Abuja and Johannesburg offices, do not respond t...

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10/8/2019 Mohamed Elamin

✅ Trip Verified | The airline did not tag my walker/wheelchair even though I repeatedly approached them after sitting in the airplane alerting them that they did not tag my bag which was at the entrance of the airplane in my departure point in Kenya. After noticing that the walker did not arrive to my holiday destination (Sudan)...

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10/3/2019 L Rease

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to Mahe via Addis Ababa. Sitting at Chicago airport next to the gate for ET 511. So far the flight is delayed by at least 4 hours (who knows how much longer it's going to be) and we were given zero updates. At this point it is impossible for us to make our connection and no other Ethiopian flights go t...

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9/28/2019 W Baker

✅ Trip Verified | Flew from Bangkok to Addis. They're using 787s on this route now and it's the worst configuration on any 787 I've flown. The economy class seats were old seats that were uncomfortable/cramped with screens from the 1990s. The food was inedible. The inflight personnel were unfriendly verging on rude. We were depl...

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9/22/2019 U Colombo

✅ Trip Verified | My first time with Ethiopian Airlines after years with Qatar Airways: crew really nice, friendly, on both flights. Cabin maintenance: cabin, toilet cleanliness needs attention, broken seat cover on Seat 3C flight: ET 0735, MXP-ADD, being a night flight seats were not lie flat thus not comfortable, bit disappoin...

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9/19/2019 N Huang

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Seychelles via Addis Ababa. Mediocre airlines. Food mand staff mediocre. Poor customer service. My luggage was left on the tarmac in the rain and my bag and contents were soaked and the bag was scuffed black when I picked it up at baggage claim. There was no one around to check the luggage tags. Tr...

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9/10/2019 Walter Gujer

✅ Trip Verified | Very pleasant flight from Bangkok to Addis Ababa, good crew, no complaints. Not happy with the business class lounge Ethiopian uses in Bangkok though, Miracle lounge really is very basic and very old and very miserable. I decided not to stay there and used my personal Priority Pass membership to go to the Air F...

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8/27/2019 Sven Wrieden

Not Verified | Bangkok to Addis Ababa. Planes are new but are in desperate need of refurbishment inside (textiles are torn, many Things are broken). Cabin Crew barely speak English so no communication (and some should take care of their appearance, smelly, dirty finger nails). Ground handling in Addis is a complete disaster.

8/23/2019 S Yap

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Chengdu via Addis Ababa. I have never been so stressed in any experience of flying. We were supposed to be arriving at Beijing at 7:00 pm in order to catch a flight for Wuhan at 11:00pm. However, Ethiopian Airlines delayed the flight two days before we are supposed to leave and as a result we can ...

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8/19/2019 N Sousa

✅ Trip Verified | It is hard to split the experience at Addis Ababa Airport from the airline, but I will try. The plane is pretty new, a 787 dreamliner, but looks like a 50 years old aircraft. The carpets are old, looking bad with holes and missing parts at connections. The staff are pretty polite, but we flew from Addis to Sao ...

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8/5/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 3D

The business class seats do lie flat, however, they do not have a bed length of 78 inches. I am 6' 2" in height which is 74 inches and found the seats are actually 68-69 inches in length since I found my feet bumping into the seat back in front, causing be to bend my legs. Trying to keep my legs straight was impossible.

8/2/2019 J Robinson

Not Verified | Washington to Kilimanjaro via Addis Ababa. Upon arrival at the airport at 4:30 am, i was notified my connecting flight to Washington Dulles airport had been delayed 5 hours. this would make my connecting international flight to Africa impossible to make. The affiliate airline could not find an alternative on it o...

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7/17/2019 Maria Dieguez

✅ Trip Verified | The flight was punctual and pleasant. The cabin crew were attentive and professional. Our flight back from Lilongwe to London had a 16 hours stopover in Addis Ababa. Once we on-boarded in Lilongwe, a member of Ethiopian Airlines staff handed us a voucher for one night hotel, one meal and breakfast at Addis Abab...

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7/2/2019 M Shannon

✅ Trip Verified | London to Gaborone via Addis Ababa. This airline is the best. The crews are very friendly. Their meals are of high quality and if you need anything and tell them they come quickly. Their professionalism is second to none so I recommend this airline.

7/1/2019 C Lachirere

✅ Trip Verified | Addis Ababa to Gaborone via Victoria Falls. There is no charging system or entertainment on flight. I was shocked to realize that we had to land in Zimbabwe then proceed to Botswana. This information was never given to me or put on my ticket. The food was close to bad. I would not recommend this airline.

6/15/2019 Gianni canevari, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 19D

The leg room is not too bad but the seat is not large, the width is not enough good. And chair is very hard, seems like a piece of wood covered by linen.

6/11/2019 C Yun

✅ Trip Verified | Kigali to Addis Ababa. The ground service for this flight was horrific. The lady at the desk was rude to me for no reason. It took forever to check in because of all my layovers. Everything had to be written by hand I don't know why It was a nightmare and add the fact that you can't do online check-in. There ...

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6/6/2019 A Keller

✅ Trip Verified | As usual with Ethiopian: poor food, IFE that appears stuck 25 years ago, employees that barely speak English (so imagine languages other than Amharic and English). Airplanes might be new or recent but seem centuries old when inside. Flight from ASM to ADD was on an old B767-300 with overhead compartments not cl...

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6/4/2019 F Nasyal

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Cape Town via Addis Ababa. The latest 787s are nice and modern, with responsive touchscreens and a service comparable to global standards. Early 787s and 777s with dirty cabins and dysfunctional IFE. On the Paris to Addis and Addis to Cape Town legs, the screen was not responsive and often had to be ...

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