Customer reviews

9/8/2019 L Hadlari

✅ Trip Verified | Stuttgart to Frankfurt and Munich to Stuttgart there was no service offered. Not even glass of water. We boarded the flight on a hot day in August but no water offered. A few passengers had to ask the crew for a snack because it was time for medicine, to which crew offered a banana to them. Let me point out th...

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9/8/2019 M Barkell

✅ Trip Verified | Crew was rude and unfriendly to me. I know that Frankfurt to Amsterdam is just a short 1hr 10 mins flight but no snack and drinks anymore - not even a glass of water? Seats are just fine, clean and comfortable. They left my luggage at Frankfurt. I got it back one day later.

9/7/2019 C Martel

✅ Trip Verified | Marseille to Hong Kong via Munich. Non existent service from Lufthansa. Completely inflexible procedure as the airline would not allow us to Fly from Marseille to Munich (the first leg of the flight we had booked) to find an alternative route following the shut down of Hong Kong Airport due to the protest. We ...

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9/6/2019 P Maro

✅ Trip Verified | Helsinki to Frankfurt. Below par business class product. Checkin and boarding easy but meal service onboard was incredibly poorly laid out. Hot meal served from a small tray with plastic dining utensils, meals in foil and plastic boxes giving the impression of economy class. Wifi was not free in business clas...

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9/6/2019 Michel Perrin

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Marseille. End of holidays in Europe. Boarding was extremely messy, with a lot of kids. As usual LH ground staff acted on a robotic way, with no empathy, resulting in protests from many passengers and 30 minutes delay on taking off. On our last 4 flights boarding has been stressful, no exception. ...

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9/6/2019 P Maro

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Split. Basic standard flight. Boarding started only 5min before dep time, and at no point they had announced about any delay for the flight. Boarding at the gate was a real hassle too when people tried to cram to the gate too early. Entrance to the aircraft (A321) was made via two front doors with...

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9/5/2019 T Larsen

Cape Town to Frankfurt. The flight was fully booked. We checked in at the counter were also Swiss and Austrian airlines would check in. Very unpolite staff at the counter, versus the one in the flight. It was a 12h hours flight almost, seating in economy class were actually very comfortable and very new, the entertainment was ne...

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9/3/2019 Hannes Schauer

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to México. Modern plane with a very kind purser. Seats in eco are ok but 11h30min is too long for LH eco. However service offered was great with 2 hot and good meals, a snack in between and multiple drink services. Overall a good Economy product. Biggest disadvantage of LH currently is Airport Frankfu...

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9/2/2019 Alessio M, Airbus A320 (320) v1 seat 11F

Emergency exit row more legroom but you must know english or deutsch

9/2/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 747-400 (744) v1 seat 31A

Seat 31A is quite cramped as the side wall lining is quite massive in the emergency door surround. While seats 31 B and C have normal recline (just a curtain behind) Seat 31A has limited recline, due to the attachment of the curtain to the wall. The toilet is far enough away to be of no special concern. There is no light from th...

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9/1/2019 Michel Perrin

Not Verified | Check-in at IAD was quick, but not a smiley one. Rather rude indeed. LH Senator lounge was packed, with nice options of food and drinks. WI-FI was not able to handle 4 flights (Brussels/Austrian/SAS/LH) and therefore did not work. Boarding very quick. Flight went smoothly, with an excellent service from FA's, plu...

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8/28/2019 Lisa Lee

Not Verified | Krakow to Amsterdam. I would like to thank Kinga from Krakow for helping us through the difficult Munich cancellations and rebooking us a direct flight to Amsterdam. It was a difficult day. We really really appreciate her service.

8/28/2019 Andreas Christoforides

✅ Trip Verified | Bogota to Frankfurt. LH is not even close to 4 star. Slow disembarking, we almost missed our connecting flight. I tried to explain it to the flight attendants, but they were rude and sharp to me. Service was 3 star for me. Seats are ok. Overall dissapinted.

8/26/2019 Tomek S, Boeing 747-8 (748) seat 16A

It is a bulkhead seat but with plenty of legroom. Recommended.

8/26/2019 Tomek S, Boeing 747-8 (748) seat 41K

It is a standard seat however there is a metal box under the seat 40K which makes leg room narrower than other seats.

8/25/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 747-8 (748) seat 16C

This seat is terrible. The curtain separating Business and Economy takes away half your leg room. Because it's the first row with smaller aisles, carts and personnel keep bumping into you.

8/24/2019 Christopher R, Boeing 747-8 (748) seat 27H

I chose this seat because it was premium (extra cost) and claimed more comfort. Yes it had more legroom but it was probably the narrowest seat I had ever experienced. That wasn’t the biggest problem, however. Due to the seat configuration , the seat goes into the aisle, causing lots of knee bumps.

8/24/2019 Vicky Fishman, Airbus A380-800 (388) seat 76A

Awesome seat!

8/24/2019 T Harton

✅ Trip Verified | Manchester to Barcelona via Frankfurt. The lounge used at Manchester was the Aspire, adequate but not amazing. The seat had adequate room I'm 6 1 and there was a good 2 inches spare. I was in seat 2f. The cabin crew were friendly the meal was served quickly. There was no choice. It was chicken with pesto and f...

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8/22/2019 SeatGuru User, Airbus A380-800 (388) seat 76K

Long Leg Room, when compare with other long leg room seat, this is relatively far away from lavatory and also aisle, therefore less disturbance. While at the same time, can enjoy the free access as there is no front seat. Just a bit cold, and the view is totally blocked by wing.