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5/8/2019 Nsoh M, Boeing 737-700 seat 18J

Distinguished services and oustanding services offered to valuable customer, ET making Africa proud. Recommended without any reservation

5/8/2019 Stina Rutgersson

✅ Trip Verified | Landvetter to Milan via Frankfurt. Lufthansa is always the company I prefer to fly with. Today I arrived to Milano and flew with Lufthansa. I mentioned to the Flight crew that I hade a fear of flying and that I wished to sit beside my boyfriend since I got a new seat number just before we boarded the aircraft. The flights attendants said directly that it was no problem for us to change the seats. But it was not just that, also they started to talk in a super kind way that I should not be afraid to fly, and they took me to the cockpit where the kindest pilots were. We had a really god chat and I got the chance to see how everything looks in the cockpit. During the 2 flights which was with the same flight crew and aircraft we got an amazing service and I did enjoy the flight without any fear.

5/8/2019 W Sayene

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Luxembourg via Munich. We booked a flight directly with Lufthansa on January 1st 2019. As this is a long flight we choose the airplane (wanted newer aircraft for more comfort) and to pay for a premium economy seat to have extra leg room and to be able to choose a window and isle seat so as to have no one next to each other. At the time the reservation and seat bookings were confirmed. 4 months later we noticed on the Lufthansa app that the following changes were made to our reservation without any notification - Our seats had been changed between Bangkok and Munich. (different seats allocated than booked).Our flight time has been bought forward almost 1 hour, aircraft type has been changed (New A350 to old A340 200). The aircraft operator has been changed (from Lufthansa to Sun Express) We then called Lufthansa to ask what and below is the response. First call we are told the flight had been moved to a different airline and we should contact them directly (Sun Express) and that Lufthansa cannot help us any further despite us booking directly with Lufthansa. 2nd call were told that this is a Lufthansa flight but this plane is not listed on there website as an aircraft used. The operator then said it was a different operator and I asked if there are any alternatives. The operator booked us on a later flight same day this time with Lufthansa. However despite asking if we can have similar seats and being told they are available (we were told we could book these afterwards on line) we then see a window and isle seat are not available. 3rd call we are told a window and isle seat is not available and to write a written complaint. At this point we are told this has been caused by a maintenance issue with the original aircraft and other people have also been affected. 4th call (as we still do not have the confirmed booking we paid for) we called again and we are told we can have a window seat but when looking at our confirmation we get allocated 14D and 14E but on the seat map this is a isle and middle seat, not a window seat. 5th call we are once again told our seats can be moved to a window and isle seat and have now been allocated 14A and 14C however when looking at the details on line we understand this may not be a window. Based on our experience this falls way below the level of customer service we expected and paid for when booking with Lufthansa.

5/5/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A340-600 (346) v1 seat 22H

seat was way to firm/rock hard. The partition between Business and Premium Economy squeaked and rattled the entire flight, very annoying. Very little leg room for expensive upgrade. This old AB340 needs to be retired by Lufthansa. The B747-8i is much more comfortable.

5/4/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A380-800 (388) seat 1A

It was the most modern seat ever. Very spacious and had extra leg room since I was in row 1. Great crew and great food!

5/4/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 747-8 (748) seat 7

It was comfy, I did not find a problem seated close to the Galley.

5/2/2019 Egle Kubiliute

✅ Trip Verified | Vilnius to Singapore via Frankfurt. Flight crew are very professional. I really got all their attention and help. One of the best experiences so far. Touch screen TVs are very old. It was extremely annoying to use them. Moreover, it may bother the person sitting in front of you (or you may be the one who is bothered). I was sitting near to this woman who was playing Solitare on her screen and the man in front of her could not just relax watching the movie because of the constant poking to his seat. It even led to some tiny conflict in the end. People who like to enjoy alcohol during their flight, should definitely consider these airlines over the other ones, since they are serving alcohol drinks like beer, wine, cocktails on international flights for free. However, I found it the only difference in comparison to slightly cheaper airlines in regards to what you get on board for the price paid.

5/1/2019 T Irving

✅ Trip Verified | I was flying from Canada to Ukraine and my last transfer destination was at Frankfurt. At Lufthansa the customer service is very poor. First of all, I was very disappointed because when I got to my seat I couldn't find any space where I could put my carry on luggage, all space was full with luggage of people that were sitting next to me. Second of all, one of the stewardesses told me halfway to my seat that there was no space for my luggage. She didn't offer her help to help me find space at the front, it was very rude because it's part of her job. She was just watching me running around trying to find space. I am very upset about the customer service that I received and I will never fly with Lufthansa again because of my experience!

4/30/2019 Franz Koepernik

✅ Trip Verified | MUC-MAD return. Excellent value for special business class fare: Fast check-in (without any queue) at MUC as well in Madrid. Excellent male pursers in business section on both sectors. Menu card provided and selection of 2 warm meals on each way! Food really tasty and plenty! Fast luggage delivery especially in Madrid! Sure you have no entertainment on LH European flights, but for 2 hours flight time nothing to complain about For European flights Lufthansa is still my first choice as you can see and feel the professionalism of the crews!

4/28/2019 R Merton

✅ Trip Verified | Prague to Frankfurt. Incredibly rude at gate. Took my carryon claiming it was oversized. Did not care that I was traveling internationally and needed items in the bag. Not customer friendly at all.

4/25/2019 Ben B, Airbus A320 (320) v2 seat 31C

LH833 26th of april, flight is full and handluggage and trolley needs to be stowed under the chairs which leaves absolutely no leg room. Luckly its a short flight, with the knees in my neck

4/23/2019 C Balvane

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Valencia. I have been flying with Lufthansa for the past 10 years regularly (at least 3 times a year) and always very satisfied with their service, so even though Lufthansa is more expensive than low cost companies, I pay the extra money. But last time it was quite different. Lufthansa direct flights from Frankfurt to Valencia are now operated by Sunexpress. The plane was very old, the seats worn out, the net to hold the magazines was ripped and the plane was really loud. So for the usual Lufthansa fee, we got an old airplane from a low cost airline. It is a pity to see how they cut costs at the client's expense.

4/22/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 747-8 (748) seat 28K

This my be "economy premium" but it is a horrible seat! It was so tight I couldn't even read a magazine!

4/22/2019 Abdallah E, Bombardier CRJ900 seat 5D

With the engines of the aircraft at the rear, the cabin further up is notably quieter. Seats are actually more comfortable than the super-slimline NEK seats in the mainline LH fleet. Overhead compartments are small so roller and larger bags will be checked at the gate.

4/22/2019 Elena Pavel

Not Verified | London to Vienna via Frankfurt. This review is for Mrs Darr from Lufthansa Customer Service in Frankfurt, a great person who did everything that was in her powers to help one of my friends change his flight only because the police in Frankfurt don't really know the law and didn't want to let 3 people go through passport control even though they are family. Everything ended well in the end but this lady went back and forward to help us with alternative routes so we can reach all of us the same destination. She was extremely patient and calm even when we were going absolutely crazy, because we were scared. Thank you again and you are going to be part of our memories as the lady who helped a lot! Hope you are going to read this! We really appreciate your efforts and your time!

4/22/2019 Peter Ries

✅ Trip Verified | Munich to San Francisco flight was delayed by almost 3 hours due to technical issues. Information was anything, but forthcoming. The replacement aircraft had issues with the entertainment system and power-outlets at the seat. Several restarts of the systems were executed but to no avail. The inflight crew tried to cope with the defunct hardware; but there is only so much, that they can do. The professional performance of the inflight crew were up to standard, all the way. Absolutely the only positive aspect of this trip.

4/22/2019 Peter Ries

✅ Trip Verified | I flew on an A380-800 from San Francisco to Frankfurt in the upper deck rear economy class compartment (rows 95-99) During boarding and the meal services one single flight attendant works these 5 rows by herself. In between services she has other duties on the lower deck and this section goes unattended for. Even when I rang the call button repeatedly, nobody answered, since the call goes to the unmanned rear galley. The adjacent business class cabin is sealed with a curtain. If any medical emergency or a safety related incident occurred in this compartment, no flight attendant might be available.

4/21/2019 Mrinalini Ahuja

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to Mumbai via Frankfurt. The flight from Rome to Frankfurt was late by 20-25 mins. The ground staff did not ensure that the passengers having connecting flight with very little transfer time left reached on time and could skip the line. There was a long queue at immigration. The ground staff didn't help the passengers to move ahead in line. At least 50-60 passengers were running from terminal A at Frankfurt to terminal C to catch the connecting flight. The staff at security would also not ensure that the passengers with flight could move ahead in line. There was a lot of chaos and people who could run were running, but people with disabilities or problems had to go through a lot of stress to reach to the aircraft. Lufthansa needs to work on this where the problem is at their end because their connecting flight was late. The only good thing that happened was that they delayed the takeoff of the connecting flight. But all the passengers had to go through a lot of mental and physical stress because of this mis management

4/20/2019 Jorgen Aberg

✅ Trip Verified | Copenhagen to Washington via Frankfurt. Flew the same route in Nov 18, and was pretty impressed. However, today’s performance was far from stellar. First of all the LH website is probably from the 1980’s, because it sure feels that way when using it. The long-haul flight was very average, to be generous. IFE did not work. The PA system worked in business class only. I had ordered an upgraded dining experience, and if I had been served what I had ordered, I would have been much happier. WiFi did not work onboard this time. What really made the whole thing bad is that everybody was confined to their seats for the last 2.5 hours of the flight due to very strong turbulence. I like Lufthansa, but if this is what they can offer, there are much better options.

4/19/2019 S Gethin

✅ Trip Verified | I did a return flight from Dublin to Cape Town via Frankfurt. On both outward and return all flights were excellent. I flew Economy on all 4 flights. I booked and paid extra for my seat which was 16k on the outward journey from Frankfurt to Capetown and 16A on the return to Frankfurt. This row was directly behind Premium Economy. From what I could see it is better to spend the money on the seat rather than PE. I had more legroom than those in PE. The food wasn't great but airline food is always hit and miss. The service from the flight attendants was superb. Nothing was too much trouble. The flight itself was very smooth and at one stage the pilot told us to fasten seatbelts as there was a lot of turbulence but it was nothing to worry about. The connection in Frankfurt was very smooth. I would definitely use Lufthansa again,