Seat Map Embraer 175 Air Canada

1A1D1F12A12C12D12F13A13C13D13F14A14C14D14F15A15C15D15F16A16C16D16F17A17C17D17F18A18C18D18F19A19C19D19F2A2D2F20A20C20D20F21A21C21D21F22A22C22D22F23A23C23D23F24A24C24D24F25A25C25D25F26A26C26D26F27A27C27D27F3A3D3FSeat Map Embraer 175 Air Canada
Seat Map Embraer 175 Air Canada
Seat Map Embraer 175 Air Canada

Airplane Embraer 175 Air Canada with 3 classes and 73 seats on board. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which should be avoided.


8/25/2019 Parminder Bhasin, seat 13A

It was a pleasure, the seat was plush and so comfortable that it gave the feeling of traveling business class

5/28/2019 ROBERT S KAUFF, seat 19D

Great plane. Plenty of room even for me at 6'4" 250 lbs. Brew on this flight was super friendly

4/2/2019 Martin Van Walsum, seat 12C

Extremely comfortable seat. Definitely worth the extra $31 we paid. Business Class is directly in front of it, so there is nothing limiting legroom. My son and I are both 6'4" and shared the two seats on one side of the aisle with plenty of room.

1/22/2019 John Kalafatides, seat 15A

Pleasantly surprised that the seat had a TV screen on it with Map function as well as movies, etc. in general comfortable seat. Better overhead bin space than some similar sized planes.

1/8/2019 SeatGuru User, seat 12F

Old plane but these preferred seats are surprisingly great! Tons of leg room - there is no bulkhead in front of you so you can seriously stretch out. The rest of it is typical Air Canada short haul- decent service and decent IFE.

10/18/2018 Michael S, seat 12A

Great seat with no bulkhead to restrict legroom. Surprisingly comfortable for this older, smaller plane for the quick hop from New York- Toronto

9/18/2018 jill Derman, seat 16A

The plane was comfortable though I found the legroom tight. There is room for roller carry ons onboard which I found helpful.

9/14/2018 Jill, seat 16A

Legroom was tight. I am 5"7. Carry on suitcases fit onboard..

9/2/2018 Rachel Black, seat 15D

The window does not align with the seats so that was disappointing. The seats in economy are tight. I am only 5ft 3inches and I feel bad for anyone taller trying to cram in there. I had a hard time getting a small backpack in & out from under the seat in front of me. It fit, but placing it down there was hard with the tight s...

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4/20/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 12D

Although this seat is bulkhead, there is still an existing storage space above the seat and under the seat in front of you. Leg room is not restricted because there is no actual bulkhead, The only thing separating Economy from business class is a curtain. The Tv is located directly behind the business class seat.

10/14/2017 SeatGuru User, seat 1A

Seats 1A,2A, 3A all have restricted storage on the left side overhead. Not to worry however as you are first on the plane and there is plenty of overhead storage on the right side. I fly this plane often and typically sit preferred in rows 12 or 14 when I don't get an upgrade and am able to find storage in business so I can gr...

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7/10/2017 A. Ghazarians, seat 14C

First experience flying on Embraer 175. Small plane with lots of legroom, adequate service and entertainment; however, very uncomfortable seats and it felt like it would come apart. The lack of back support made it impossible to sleep (not to mention a child who did not stop screaming during the whole flight). Hostess' French...

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5/18/2017 SeatGuru User, seat 3F

Must be one of the worst planes I have been in. Looks seriously rundown and seats are uncomfortable. Got the feeling I flying with a Chinese airline (only the comments made it clear).

4/19/2017 SeatGuru User, seat 13AC

13AC (and possibly 13DF), while Preferred Seating, have about 2" less pitch than rows 14 and 15.

4/29/2016 Abhal morsee, seat 2A

Very nice. Watched CFL game. Food tasty. Seat comphy. If you live here, i reccomed this flight

3/6/2016 SeatGuru User, seat SMALLOVERHEAD

Note that all but the smallest rolling suitcases won't fit in the overhead compartments. They did allow me to put my 21" bag under my seat but it restricts leg room and normally I think they'd take them away as checked bags.

9/19/2014 Leafgirl, seat 12A

Paid a bit extra for the preferred seating, to be sure I got a window. Also great leg room. would defintiely sit here again.

5/31/2014 Yash Nagpaul, seat 18D

This was my first time being on Embraer 175 flight from Toronto to NJ. Can't say much but it was fantastic travelling in this aircraft. Redesigned seats, personal TV monitor, nice leg room, and above all, the overhead bins can take a good size hand carry small suit case. The PA system is marvelous - so crisp and so clear. I wis...

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10/20/2011 D Dietz, seat 1F

Very comfortable flight and excellent service. Was offered hot omelet, potatoes, bacon and coffee in flight, was quite good.

4/26/2008 Byron Preston, seat 2A

Excellent Executive Class service, as usual. Very comfortable seating. Connected to the Embraer 190 from YYZ to YYC for a very pleasant 4 hour flight. Keep in mind, however, if flying business class this aircraft and the 190 do not have ovens for hot food service - cold meals only are provided in Executive Class.