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4/11/2019 W Keale

✅ Trip Verified | Manchester to Bangkok via Istanbul return in the last month. All flights were on time. Excellent food and drink service. Lovely staff and a smile on their faces. Great airline, cheap prices, excellent service.

4/6/2019 Deepa Acharya

✅ Trip Verified | Lagos to Istanbul via Kathmandu. I am never flying with Turkish Airlines again and I won't recommend to anyone I know, my friends or families. I had a very long layover both the ways around (20hrs) each. I had heard from many friends that Turkish would give a hotel or other relevant services if we have to wait there above specific hours. That's why I went directly to the airport help desk/transit passenger resting place to make an inquiry about the service I would get. To my surprise, the lady on the desk took my all information from passport and ticket and said you cannot get a hotel. Then I asked why; she said you are Nepalese, you should either have resident card of America, Schengen visa etc.

4/6/2019 Pranay Rao

Not Verified | Mumbai to Istanbul. One of the worst experiences of our life has been this trip on Turkish Airlines. After booking a confirmed flight on 6th April we were offered one in which the connecting flight leaves 2 days earlier than we land. Thankfully we didn't select this by mistake. Then we were given a new itinerary which needed us staying overnight at Istanbul. We were then given a hotel room outside the airport which needed us to spend 220 USD on an express visa to enter Turkey plus an additional 100 USD on travel. The airline doesn't give you rooms in the airport, which turns out to be more expensive for the passenger as there is no proper public transport to our hotel room and Turkish won't pay for it. To make matters worse today the check in doesn't work and they've told us we need to reach early to the airport if we need good seats. Avoid this airline for its terrible customer service.

4/6/2019 R Banturno

✅ Trip Verified | Prague to Istanbul. Just ordinary fight served by Turkish Airlines. Food excellent, but as always there's a mess with a queue when boarding process. This Airline really has to strict about the rules to all customer, as my experiences this is the worst airline for boarding process.

4/2/2019 S Raesen

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Bangkok via Istanbul. I wont book again after the conditions I flew in. Food: tasty. Over the average for an airline. In-flight entertainment: large variety of movies. Cabin crew: negligent and sloppy, to a frustrating level. So many episodes where they disregarded very simple requests from passengers or (worse) caused problems due to their disorganization. Gate crew: at the check-in I chose a spot that would allow me to easily access the bathroom, that I need for medical reasons. At the gate the seat got striked through and I have been re-assigned, no explanations provided. When I asked for the seat to be changed to an aisle seat, I have been told by the cabin crew to temporarily sit on the assigned seat. After take-off, my request got ignored for the whole flight, regardless many seats were empty. Seats extremely unconfortable and impossible to sleep in (very old plane for a 10h flight). Mine was even broken so I could not sleep at all. Food service: chaotic to the point that some people started to serve themselves due to the fact that their requests were disregarded or forgotten. Overall a very bad experience that leaves me confused at how this company won any awards. At first I also gave it the benefit of the doubt that's why I waited to write the review but the return flight confirmed all the negligent behaviors I saw on the departure flight. Other airlines offer very similar prices and the cons don't make up for the flight conditions you will experience.

4/2/2019 Tomas Gubas

✅ Trip Verified | Venice to Ankara via Istanbul. Instead of taking off on time the fight was originally delayed (on the information table was written 10 minutes). I was satisfied with the information (it is possible to be delayed). The next information which followed invited us to go to the gate. More than 75% of passengers created the line in front of the desk and we were waiting for opening the gate. It was the first mistake, after 45 minutes the staff changed the departure time on the information desk for 10.50 a.m. Nobody knew that the game was started. The plane was delayed by more than 60 minutes. It is usually that the staff will give you any additional information about the connection flights. Unfortunately, it is not the case of Turkish Airlines . After the arrival, I run from the plane through the tunnel in the terminal and hoped to catch the flight to Ankara. The guy who was wearing the TA uniform and who was waiting at the end of the tunnel showed me the direction where I should have found the gate of for my flight. Of course, it was the wrong direction and I had to run back. After that, I had to go through the x-ray frame and I have lost another 10 minutes although I didn't leave the secured area. When I came into the main hall I sew that the gate is closed. Until this moment nobody has apologized for the inconvenience and to this day too. This horror trip was still not at the end. I tried to find the TA office and I found only the TA desk where was it possible to buy new tickets. When I started to explain my situation and the guy behind the desk recognised that I am not a new potential customer his face expression changed rapidly and his bored voice said to me that he is not responsible for information. The problem was closed for him. After a few minutes, I found the desk with the logo TA in the check-in sections. I run there to solve the problem and I tried to inform the first staff about my situation. His answer was: "Wait a minute".. I didn't want to wait and I said to him, that his company is responsible for the situation and I expect more empathy and full service for customers. No answer, only disgusted reaction visible in his mimic and he showed me with the finger another TA worker sitting next to him. This person let explain to him my situation again and he printed a new boarding pass for the flight at 6.00 p.m. I checked the departure on the screen and by my next flight was additional information that it is delayed 40 minutes before the departure. I asked the guy again whether it is mean serious and my second question was why it is not possible to get the ticket for the flight at 5.00 p.m.? The answer was given with the highest arrogance in his voice."The flight is full!". And it is still not the end of the troubles, instead of being delayed 40 minutes the "great" TA let me wait one hour longer in comparison with original departure schedule. The service was the mess and the behaviour of the employees was everything but not professional.

3/30/2019 J Ngui

✅ Trip Verified | Currently on flight Singapore to İstanbul, sadly been trying to get a drink and was told later, trolley came by serving coffee. FA told me that now coffee service, they have drinks round, first was drinks, food, coffee and drinks later. I had observed others got their drinks when they ordered randomly. I seem to get the response what their process of service is, and I have to adhere to that, even if I was asleep. The drinks trolley service came by and the same FA who told me ‘off’ remembered what drinks I had asked and served me. Such a hassle to get a drink because I asked for it out of their sequence. With only twelve hours I guess they are too busy to give much care to passengers.. Sad.

3/29/2019 Anand, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat D

My flight from Delhi to Istanbul was good, though it was big aircraft, fully occupied but all the crew managed boarding nicely & service was good. "While on other hand the connecting flight -TK0567 from Istanbul to Zanzibar was almost empty and the cabin crew seems not interested to serve the passengers. During meal, requested for second helping for the drink *two time* but they didn't do anything except saying 'sure', finally asked for water and see again no one bothered." (I didn't expect this kind of experience from Turkish Airlines)

3/29/2019 David Urbanek

✅ Trip Verified | Helsinki to Kiev via Istanbul. Flying Turkish Airlines for the very first time. I was simply shocked, in a good way. I have never seen a more spacious plane with such leg room in economy class. The served meal was just lovely, cabin crew as well. 10/10.

3/28/2019 Jaylesh Gandhi

✅ Trip Verified | Flew TK 5 / 22 MAR, Istanbul - Chicago in business class. Had requested AVML (Asian vegetarian Meal). TK had forgotten my special AVML meal. On board they served boiled eggplant, tomato sauce and disgusting rice as THE main course. I refused to eat and returned my plate. No alternative food offered. I spoke to the cabin chief who expressed she was sorry and agreed that the meal served was not even close to AVML. Spoke to the chef on board who had no clue what AVML looks like. Starved for 12 hour flight. Cabin chief and the chef promised they would report this incident but it seems it did not go anywhere. I am an Elite Plus member of Turkish Airlines and it seems they do not care about their premium cabin passengers. Surprisingly cabin chief is TK's employee and the chef are employed by DO & CO catering company who provided meals for TK's passengers. Complained about the incident and response I got was we regret and no compensations given. It will be hard to choose TK for future travel.

3/20/2019 Andrei Muravev

✅ Trip Verified | I bought and paid tickets 3 months before departure. I had pre-selected certain seats convenient to us. I am a self-moving disabled person. I have no leg, I move on a prosthesis. The choice of a comfortable place is important for my sick leg. When I flying from Hurghada – at the reception manager not given our pre-selected seats. He give to me uncomfortable seats in the tail of the aircraft, although I chose a seats for 4 months before departure. Turkish Airlines does not have Internet check-in when passengers departing from Hurghada. At the check-in Desk, the Manager issues boarding passes at random, not paying attention to the pre-selected seats in our tickets. 2. Indifference flight attendants In the plane, I ask for 2 flight attendants and explained the essence of the problem, said about my disability, showed my ticket. The flight attendants answered me: “The plane is full. I can't help you, sorry” The flight attendants were absolutely indifferent to my problems, they did not want to help me. 3. Stuff indifference at Ataturk Airport. Upon arrival in Istanbul, I had a connection time at the airport: 3: 20 - with our next flight to Vnukovo, Moscow. I was very tired, I had a pain in my leg, and I turned to the Info desk to ask the managers to let me rest for a short time in the lounges of Turkish Airlines. I said that I was disabled, I asked for help. In response, I received complete indifference, unwillingness to help me. The manager refused me any help, despite my repeated requests for help. I have not seen anywhere such a bad attitude, indifference to the disabled person in my air travels! 3. Problem with pre-ordered special meals When I buying tickets, my wife and I ordered Bland meal (BLML) and Diabetic meal (DBML) We always order in flights these types of food for our medical reasons. In all the airlines that we flew this food is much better than the standard meal. But in the case of Turkish Airlines, our special meal was simply inedible. This special meal given to us looked much worse than the standard nutrition. We just could not eat anything and flew hungry all our flights – in two ways! I remember that in my meal there was a lot of fiber, which I cannot eat. This is incompatible with the concept of the Bland meal (BLML) diet.

3/20/2019 L Beale

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Bangkok via Istanbul. Flight boarded four hours late with no communication during this delay. Boarding was a complete shambles with everybody scrambling to get on. Once boarded the business class crew looked completely uninterested which continued throughout the flight. The level of communication skills in English from the cabin crew and cockpit falls well below standard. The crew came across as though they were doing you a favour when I asked for a drink. A very poor overall experience.

3/14/2019 Jim Burt

Not Verified | New York to Tel Aviv via Istanbul. Never again. While staff was excellent, plane was hot and extremely uncomfortable. Painfully uncomfortable. Several passengers requested for cabin air to be cooled. No avail. Plane was dirty. Get ready for your back and knees to hurt.

3/13/2019 S Railey

✅ Trip Verified | Manila to Istanbul. If you ever flew with Emirates or Qatar Airways, you will miss their service if you fly Turkish Airlines. I only saw the crew, when they served meal after departure, before Arrival and running around from the front to the back and vice versa. Never offered Drinks or Snacks. Water for an almost 13 hour flight is essential, but was never offered.

3/13/2019 Masudur Rahman

✅ Trip Verified | Dhaka to Copenhagen via Istanbul. This trip was full of disappointments. Already the airport lounge, Dhaka, demanded money for a glass of wine, unheard. I am a frequent flyer, I have never experienced business class lounge charging a business class passenger, for a glass of wine. Next, on board, no welcome drinks. I asked for a newspaper and a drink, the choice was a glass of water or a lemonade. After take-off, no beverage and snacks, just the meal, which was disgusting. My choice was beef, which was cold, dry, served with some bean and carrots, also cold. I asked for a glass of red wine, but waiting and waiting, I tried to draw the attention of a crew, who was talking with another passenger in the front row. Then I had to get up went where he was enjoying a conversation with the passenger. I made my request- I got served a glass of wine-. I expressed my gratitude- and the crew explained the delay- he had to take care of a CIP. The meal was eatabel, so asked for a cup of coffee and a glass of cognac. Surprise- the crew said there was no cognac. I showed the menu, which showed cognac was available. Well, had almost 6hours layover at Istanbul airport lounge, which was OK. About 90 minutes prior to board, we were asked to go the the gate. After completion of checking tickets and passports, we were waiting to board- almost 45 minutes had to wait and then bus to the plain. The flight was on way to Copenhagen. There were a grpoup of Danish passengers,. A elderly gentleman asked for lass of cognac, the crew was about to serve a generous glass of cognac. Another female crew rushed and snatched the glass, poured half of the content to another glass and then served the guest. We had a laugh- that was entertaining.- but not convincing for making Turkish Airline the choice any more.

3/13/2019 Oscar Marcheggiani

✅ Trip Verified | Hanoi to Milano via Istanbul. As we 4 arrived this morning from Hanoi at 6 am (TK168) we learned that our connecting flight to Milan TK1873 had been cancelled. No assistance was given to passengers, everybody had to wander around the immense airport, address the numerous TK people behind desks each of whom seemed to take care of anything but customer service and only care to dispatch people somewhere else. Finally we got to the right desk and were given the TK flight leaving at 16.15, 10 hours waiting time. We were assured this was the first possibility open. To our surprise we discovered that there is a previous flight leaving at 12.45 with seats available. Hundreds of people crowded at the desk with only 2 employees working so we gave up trying to anticipate our flight, and no contact was possible on the phone.

3/12/2019 Mario Luna

✅ Trip Verified | Manila to Vienna via Istanbul. Seats are comfortable. In-flight media selection is great and updated. Food is good. Paid in-flight Wifi (MNL-IST) is excellent for long-haul flights. No Wifi for IST-VIE. Cabin crew not friendly but not bad either. Boarding can be quite delayed. Gate announcements are delayed (sometimes changed at the last minute) - be careful! You might miss your flight especially if you have a hard time finding gates.

3/12/2019 Sebastian Pietzsch

Not Verified | Boarding totally chaotic and far too long. Nice meal, creepy safety video which distracted the people more than giving them advice. Crew notifications (strong turkish accent, sound quality) hardly understandable, even for native speakers. Economy legroom and seat width did not at all suit the flight duration on the first flight from Phuket to Istanbul (11 hours), more equal to short-distance low costers. (disclaimer: I had a seat at an emergency exit, luckily). WiFi did not work for me and others at all, for some more expensive devices it did, but very slowly (asked my neighbours and staff for help, but no way to get it working). Very expensive seat pre-selection (160+30€ for a 400€ flight), so I did not take it and was lucky at the airport check-in.

3/11/2019 EY Genis

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Amsterdam. Although a bit worn and older than A330-300, the economy cabin of A330-200 is more comfortable than 333's. This flight had a good seat pitch for a short haul flight. Ground service was smooth and cabin crew was one of the best I have seen at Turkish. Since the second choice of meal was out, we were offered more complimentary drinks. The only setback in this flight was the old, an outdated-interfaced IFE with a limited selection. After a few years of slight disappointments, I am happy to include Turkish Airlines into my highly preferred airlines once again.

3/11/2019 EY Genis

✅ Trip Verified | Ankara to Istanbul. Although there was no IFE in this version of 737-800, it is a flight that takes less than an hour. Seat pitch and comfort was probably best I have seen in a 737-800. A delicious short-haul panini and drinks deserve the points.