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3/10/2019 EY Genis

✅ Trip Verified | If you fly economy with an A330-300 of Turkish Airlines, be prepared for a problematic seat pitch. I just could not became friends with the seatings of the majority of wide-body planes of Turkish. Other than that, this was a pleasant flight. Ground service was smooth and friendly - this was a good surprise. Cabin crew may use a little more smiles on their faces but did not experience any major problem on that side. IFE selection and quality is vigorous, one of the best you can encounter anywhere. Meal and drinks are good as always - an above average Chardonnay was a joyful accompany. Thumbs up.

3/10/2019 EY Genis

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Ankara. Great short-haul flight. A warm delicious panini was accompanied by a selection of drinks. Turkish's IFE selection was ready in full. Overall a very pleasant flight.

3/8/2019 Bobby Giannakopoulos

✅ Trip Verified | This was my first time using Turkish Airlines and I was satisfied. Check in at Lyon airport was fine. The flight was full but I managed to find space for my carry on bags. The flight left a bit late. The cabin on board was in good condition and seem to be new. The crew and the service was good. The inflight entertaiment is excellent with a big screen for each sea and a great selection of different type of movies. The meal was tasty and there was a good selection of any type of drinks. The flight went fine but it took more time to land in Ataturk airport because of weather in Istanbul. Turkish airlines is an excellent airline and operates probably to the most countries in the world. I would defently fly again with them if I have a chance

3/5/2019 E Janginen

✅ Trip Verified | Dublin to Manila via Istanbul. This flight was both a disaster and a nightmare. This incident happened during Istanbul-Manila leg of my flight. Im not sure what happened, but I your ground crew was disorderly and very unwelcoming. The boarding was horrible, flying business is not worth it especially I am queueing with the rest of the passengers. The on board experience was the tipping point. Since last year, I never had problem with my Vegan meal onboard as I make sure to preselect them online. But this flight was a disaster. Not only I made only preselection, I wrote to the menu that I am vegan, and the chef was aware i dont eat cheese as he asked me before flight. When I was served with appetizers, I was curious as they gave me a butter on a small dish. At first, I though it could be vegan as I was given butter previously, but that was on a pack, not this time. I called the head steward and explain my conundrum. The chef came and explained and apologized. They insisted i ordered vegetarian as shown on their records, but I showed my confirmation email that I did preselect Vegan meal. Somewhere something went wrong. I settled for orange juice, and went to sleep. Before landing, the chef gave me a minimal but unbusiness like food. I still appreciate his effort to come up with vegan food.

3/4/2019 Anne Maina

✅ Trip Verified | Nairobi to Amsterdam via Istanbul. Terrible service and bad customer care. I went through hell in a recent trip with Turkish. I was traveling for a conference and unfortunately missed a connection flight after last minute gate change. I was sent around their customer desks without any help. I was finally told I needed to pay extra to change my ticket, an amount that was far more than the original cost of the return ticket. They said the best they could do was to help me call my family. I was left stranded at Istanbul Airport. I had to request a friend to pay for a ticket from a different airline to get to my conference destination. After the conference I went back to the airport hoping to utilize my return ticket with Turkish Airlines, only to be told that it is no invalid and I have to book a flight afresh. I struggled to raise money and finally was able to buy a ticket with different flight and go home.

3/1/2019 A Bayur

✅ Trip Verified | I along with my 6.5-month-old son were traveling from London to Kabul via Istanbul. The flight from London got delayed. When I arrived at Istanbul I couldn't find my son's pushchair which was supposed to be next to the aircraft. I had to jump on the bus to get to the next flight but when I arrived that was gone. I was only booked on the next flight leaving 24 hours later. I was not offered any accommodation or any facilities to help me care for my baby. Even the pushchair was not brought to me so at least the little one could sleep. In the past when I had traveled with them with my husband for much shorter stays we would be offered free food and drinks but didn't receive that as well. Because I was a woman with a small child and couldn't argue with them because my son was crying all the time, they just made sure I don't get any help, while I should have been offered more given the circumstances. In light of all this, my son and I suffered very much and it wasn't even our fault. Please avoid this airline they are the worst people to fly with. They pick on people who are more vulnerable and in need. I will never ever fly with this airline again. My problem is not with the delays, delays are part of traveling but when the airline gets it wrong they should have the moral standards to look after their customers especially when its a mother and a child. They should have the mindset as to how to do more, but as I explained above their attitude was how to give less and cheat a mother and a little child.

2/28/2019 D Taresa

✅ Trip Verified | Khartoum to Rome via Istanbul. The flights were actually pleasant but both return flights were late and no explanation was provided. Ground staff at Ataturk airport rather rude and not able and/or not willing to speak english. Ataturk airport crowded and dirty, hopefully things will change with the opening of the new airport.

2/27/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-900ER (739) v1 seat 18D

This is a typical 737 which is fine for short flights, but for a long flight like IST-JRO (9:25 hr), it is a killer. Turkish Airlines keeps the plane extra warm, so it is very uncomfortable sitting in a hot box for so long. It is cooler in the rear near the lavatories, but seat 18D in the middle section is much too warm. Also they do not serve cold drinks, even if you ask for ice, you only get 1 ice cube which melts right away. It may be better sitting closer to the rear of the airplane where you can get up and stretch and try to cool down. Be prepared to spend the next 9 hours panting because they seem to like it hot.

2/27/2019 Elisaveta Lazarevska

✅ Trip Verified | Do not trust anything with this airline! We were at Istanbul Atatürk Airport 4 hour before the departure. It was supposed to depart 2.20 but THE flight from Istanbul to Cape Town was delayed to 3.25., so some of us slept of in til 2. At 2.30 when we were going to the gates our flight was not in the board anymore. We passed an information desk and she said, gate is closing, you run. We Ran to gate only to See that the gate has closed! THE flight to Cape Town left 2.40, 45 min earlier. And nobody wanted to help only go to desk 214, go to desk 230, go back to 214, go to Information desk etc etc. We were directed to 9 different desks! Then they Said go out to ticket desk and we Will tell them to help you to book for a flight tomorrow. We had to pay for new tickets THE next Day. They didn't help us with a hotel. The next Night when we were at THE Airport again THE same time changes happens and THE flight left again 45 min earlier. They overbook and make time changes but fly earlier so people miss flights.

2/26/2019 N Bellyn

✅ Trip Verified | Helsinki to Beirut via Istanbul. Never again will I travel by Turkish Airlines! I had a flight connection from Helsinki to Beirut, and both trips were late by 1 hour. I don't understand the delay! Also when on board the stewardess were very slow in serving the food and the drinks.

2/26/2019 Filiz Temur

Not Verified | Dalaman to Brussels. Turkish Airlines customer service is outrageous, they do not care about their customers. They called me in the evening to tell me that my morning flight was cancelled and to call a number and rearrange a flight. When I called them 2 different employees ensured me the flight was planned. After arguing for an hour, I gave up. An hour later I received a message saying my flight was cancelled. Spend a total of 3 hours on the phone as they could not get me to my meeting in time. I had to recall them at night to confirm my flight. Had no sleep whatsoever! As I had no guarantee my flight was confirmed. Had to travel 400 km to a different airport. And now I’m told that it’s not their staff's fault. Well it is Turkish Airlines fault. You Cancel a flight and do not inform your own staff. Instead of an apology I receive a ‘standard’ mail saying they are not to blame. Shame on you!

2/25/2019 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-300 (333) seat 36A

being 1.83 m tall, 36A was HORRIBLE, my knees were stuck in the metal part from the front seat. It's the most uncomfortable seat I've ever flown in, LCC included. The return leg was flown in a 77W which had a more generous seat. Too bad that the soft product of THY is really great, their A333's are ruining it for me, never again !

2/25/2019 Gopan Sivasankaran

✅ Trip Verified | I was supposed to fly from Dubai to Atltanta via Istanbul - all on Turkish airlines. The flight from Dubai was delayed by an hour before it even took off. I asked the gentleman at the counter whether this will affect the transit and he said i have got enough time. I landed in Istanbul at 1:50 PM and my next flight was supposed to be at 2:50 PM and had 1 hour to board. Despite getting off the plane and rushing through the security gate, i reached 10 minutes before the boarding and the staff were so rude to say that you have missed your flight - not even a slightest of empathy in any ones behaviour. I was offered another flight via Toronto after 26 hours. They were not ready to issue any visa to enter the country. Also they told that i need to collect my baggage from lost and found and made me wait there for hours before they could track my luggage. One of the worst crew i have come across across. I will never recommend Turkish Airlines to anyone primarily because of the rude behaviour of staff - no exception at all.

2/24/2019 Julie Fry

✅ Trip Verified | Never again will I use Turkish Airlines. We booked the ticket to Cape Town from Malaga (via Istanbul) 6 months in advance and chose Turkish due to the more direct route than having to travel to UK/Northern Europe or Middle East. We paid for extra legroom seats on all flights. One hour before leaving for the airport on our outbound date I received a phone call from the Turkish Airlines ticket desk at Malaga Airport to advise that the Istanbul-Malaga (second leg) of our return journey flight had been cancelled. They told us to go to the ticket desk when we arrived and before we checked in to be given options. The options were an 8 hour wait in Istanbul airport for the next flight (no thank you after an 11 hour flight) or the same flights a day later. We opted for the second option of flying on our original flight choices day later. The lady on the desk suggested that we claim afterwards for the extra hotel night and the extra day car hire. She also said that she could not book us the seats we had already paid for and that we should try to ticket desk in cape Town to do this for us. We checked in, we started to board, they got us all on to the air bridge where we stayed for about an hour before being moved back into the terminal. Then we boarded. The flight departed 90 minutes late with no explanation. The staff said that they did not know what the problem was. We arrived in Istanbul with a short connection due to the delay and after being bussed from the plane to the terminal we ran like crazy to get on the flight. We made it but our luggage remained in Istanbul. One case arrived a day later & the second case 2 days later. We collected the first case ourselves (as we thought they were both there) and went to the ticket desk to arrange the seats for the return journey. We had to leave all of our details with them as they were busy and unable to attend to it at the time. I e:mailed the ticket desk and customer services a number of times and each time the mails were returned with a message saying that the inboxes were full and could not accept any further mails. I also made a few phone calls but never managed to get an answer. After about a week I received a call from the ticket desk with an offer of slightly different but acceptable seats. When I told her about the issues I had ben having regarding contacting them she told me that the sales desk were very short staffed and that there actually isnt a customer service unit at all in Cape Town. During this time we were travelling with friends around the Cape and at times were without internet so communications were difficult. I also began the process of trying to claim for the emergency clothing items that we had to buy. I am still trying to complete the electronic form which keeps saying that I am giving wrong information (it doesnt specify what it doesnt like) and I am simply completing each box in order as it request me to do - along with the uploading of the files they request. I have tried to complete this form numerous times and in the beginning with help from the baggage handling company who confirmed that I was completing the form correctly. To this day I am still in communication with Turkish Airlines requesting them to reimburse me. They have refused to reimburse us with the cost of the hotel & car rental and are fobbing me off regarding the clothing cost. I know that I am legally entitled to this so I will continue to press.

2/21/2019 K Leng

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Lisbon via Istanbul. In April, I booked a flight from Dubai to Lisbon for $530.90 with Turkish Airlines. When I received an email to check-in, I was unable to do so. I decided to call them to inquire why. They told me they cancelled my reservation and my credit card was flagged as fraud. I was told to provide proof that the credit card belonged to me so I did. First of all, why was I not notified that they cancelled my reservation? I even received an email notification to remind me to check-in… After a long day of correspondence, they emailed me saying I can get the flight for the same price that I originally paid. I called to book my flight and they said it wasn’t going through again so I had to use a different credit card. The Turkish Airlines representative then confirmed my payment went through and checked me in online. Great! I finally have a reservation since it was less than 7 hours till departure. When I went to drop off my bag at the Dubai airport, the Turkish Airlines representative said that there was no reservation for me. I showed him my confirmation AND showed him my online credit card statement that showed I had a charge from Turkish Airlines. He repeatedly told me I no longer have a reservation and need to buy a new ticket with a travel agency at the airport. He also told me I would be fully refunded when I submit a claim with Turkish Airlines. Again, why wasn’t I notified that they cancelled my reservation? Why did they cancel my reservation after they already charged my credit card? It was 1 hour until departure so I did exactly what the Turkish Airlines representative told me to do. I bought a ONE WAY flight for $1306.98!! Since my flight in April, I’ve had a nonstop battle trying to get my refund. On Dec 19, 2018, Turkish Airlines called me to apologize for everything that’s happened. She admitted it Turkish Airlines’ fault and that they didn’t follow their protocol which resulted in them cancelling my reservation. She asked me to send a copy of my passport and my credit card statements and that I would get my full refund in one week. Since that phone call, Turkish Airlines has completely ignored me. I’ve tried contacting them Jan 4, Jan 6, Jan 9, Jan 15, Jan 16, Jan 20, Jan 22, Jan 25, Jan 29, Feb 1, Feb 4, Feb 14, and Feb 20. Every time I’ve tried contacting them, they either do not respond to me or the call center tells me they’ll mark my case as urgent and someone will respond to me in 48 hours. I have not ONCE heard back from them ever since I was told I would get fully refunded in Dec. Why is their protocol to respond within 7 days or 48 hours, but it’s been 2 months now and I haven’t heard from them yet? Why did they not follow the proper protocol in the very beginning when I booked my flight? Why didn’t they ever notify me that they cancelled my reservation? Why did their own employee confirm my payment went through and check me in? Why did they cancel my reservation when they already charged me? Why did their own employees tell me that they’ll fully refund me, but aren’t now? Why are they completely ignoring me? I feel like everyone should be aware how horrible Turkish Airlines is. I hope no one else has to go through what I’ve been through. It’s been seriously affecting my health dealing with them. It's evident that they have horrible service and will not refund people (reading other reviews). Please- save your money, time, and health, and book a different airline.

2/20/2019 T Barlin

✅ Trip Verified | Montreal to Berlin via Istanbul. I was mostly disappointed with the services. I flew from Montreal to Istanbul and from the beginning I felt the experience to be flawed. There were some 28 business class seats and I had chosen a seat with direct aisle access. The seat is quite comfortable and large was what I noticed at first. The cabin crew was awful. They congregated at the forward cabin near the bar and watched us settle in. As we were in the middle of winter, passengers all had heavy winter coats. I was seated in row two and could overhear some passengers asking the crew if they could take their coats. I was a bit taken aback by the crews response: "No, later, later". Needless to say, I was not going to go out of my way to ask them to take my coat and instead opted to leave it at my seat. The crew members did not offer to take my coat nor my neighbour's at any time during this 9,30 hour flight. We sat in the cabin at our seats with no drinks offered, no water bottle for at least 15 minutes. The crew came by after 15 minutes to offer us a selection of non alcoholic beverages. I declined the drink and was asked if I wanted anything else and I ordered champagne. All drinks during our entire flight were served with no napkin and I thought this to be a bit odd since you get a napkin in Canada even on low cost carriers! Menus were handed out and we were asked for our selection later on. After take off, the service was not well planned. It took a while before any crew member came by and when they did they offered to make our beds! We had just left Montreal at 1045 pm and I suspect this is why they were asking us prior to even taking a drink order! I declined the offer for bedding and informed they that I would be ready for it after dinner. "Of Course Sir, anything you want". The response lacked being genuine and I felt the crew was somewhat irked. The service began with handling out a bottle of water, 40 minutes into the flight. We waited another 10 or so minutes and we were asked for drinks. The "Onboard Chef" came by to take our food order and this was also done in a chaotic way. He would take the order for 3-5 seats at a time and then disappear. The whole order taking for the entire business class must have taken 40 minutes. The food was served and it was beautifully plated. I can't say the food tasted better than any other overseas carrier I've flown in business class. The onboard chef seemed like it was all a show and I could not really see how he was a chef. He took our order (chefs don't usually do this) and made sure the plates looked nice. I think that is the extent of it and I don't really see any exotic or added value to this.During the whole meal, my drinks went dry for 10 or more minutes at a time. I have flown many carriers in business class and I have never had to ask or get up to ask for more wine with my meal. The crew in the business cabin were simply not friendly nor attentive. I also experienced the Turkish Airlines lounge in Istanbul during my connection. It is tired looking and circus like atmosphere. I qualified for the use of a resting suite. The attendant informed me she would come by to let me know when I could shower. I was there 3 hours, and she never came.

2/20/2019 B Mazzar

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Dhaka via Istanbul. Services at Istanbul Airport was horrible and totally unprofessional. I had a flight from JFK to Istanbul on the way to Dhaka and had a 12-hour long stay over in Istanbul. While it was written on the Turkish website that they would give a hotel room if the stay over is 12 hours or more, there was no such opportunity. Turkish airlines staff at the airport had limited English proficiency, lack of decency (rude), and lower motivation to cooperate. However, instead of a hotel room, a lady at the counter offered me snacks. When I requested for lunch instead of snacks or breakfast, the lady just tore the check she wrote in front of me. I was devastated seeing this non-professional rudeness. Only positive things were inflight hospitality and foods.

2/17/2019 K Darzane

✅ Trip Verified | In 9/30/2018 my wife, our 11 months old son, and myself took Turkish Airlines to fly from San Francisco to Addis Ababa via Istanbul. Half way in the first leg of the flight (from San Francisco to Istanbul), a lady in the flight got sick and a decision was made to divert the plane to Bergen Norway, so the lady can get a medical treatment.  This caused 3 hours delay on our arrival time to Istanbul and we missed our second leg flight (From Istanbul to Addis) as a result. When we first got to Istanbul information was scarce and no one were willing to help. After a lot of leg work we finally reached to the “Transfer” station where we can request to be booked to another flight.  We were told the next flight to Addis Ababa is 24 hours later and the airline will provide hotel accommodations for us. They booked us to the next flight and refer us to another station where we can request hotel accommodation. When we got to the hotel accommodation station, we were told to get a visa and return. When we got to the Visa station we faced discrimination because my wife carried a passport from Ethiopia. Visa was offered to my son and myself who were carrying a US passport and denied to my wife who were carrying Ethiopian passport. When we asked why we were told they don’t give Visas to people who carry Ethiopian passport. We showed them my wife’s US green card and explain the situation we will face if we had to stay in the airport with a sick child for 24 additional hours and they still refuse to give my wife a visa. The only solution they offered is to leave my wife who was breastfeeding behind.  We tried to call the US Embassy in Istanbul to explain the situation, but they were closed for the day. Out of options, hungry and tired, we finally decide to stay in the airport for the next 24 hours. We returned to Turkish airlines terminal and asked if we get admittance to the Turkish airline lounge, so our child can rest in a comfortable area and this request was denied because we are not Turkish airline business customers. For the next 24 hours, we were prisoners in Istanbul airport. I regret my decision to fly Turkish and I will never fly them again.

2/17/2019 M Králik

✅ Trip Verified | My first time on Turkish. It's not a bare-basics, race-to-the-bottom product, but it's far behind Asian carriers and Qatar Airways in warmth and sophistication. There is a lot of confusion both in the cockpit and at the Istanbul transit area. Passengers are given the wrong information. My flight ex-KUL taxied all over the airport for 2 hours before returning to gate for refuelling. (We were just about to take off on a 11.5-hour journey with not enough fuel? Interesting.) That just about put paid to everyone's plans to catch their connecting flights. The gate number for my Geneva flight was different from what the entertainment system showed us right before landing (as I found out after sprinting, laptop and shoes in hand, to the wrong gate). Very stressful. On board, food is okay but same-same across sectors. English is not great unless pre-recorded. Male crew are quite patient and hard-working. The female staff can be pleasant when they want to be. Sadly, many make it very clear that having seen the world and having put peroxide highlights in their hair, pouring coffee in economy class is not where they want tp be. (How hard is it to say "Good evening" to a passenger during boarding, instead of giving an icy, silent stare?) In the future, unless I decide to travel to one of the secondary destinations served by TK, such as Salzburg or Lyon, my preference will remain with the more established airlines.

2/17/2019 Toni Paju

✅ Trip Verified | Maputo to Almaty via Istanbul. Turkish Airlines has the worst customer service and IT-systems. They charged me for a flight but due to system error the funds disappeared from my account without the payment showing in their system. Their customer rep gave me as an only alternative to wait for 7 business days and buy the tickets then. Of course I could've just chucked another 1,500 USD in and tried if their system would've worked on the second time around.