Seat Map Airbus A380-800 four classes v1 Singapore Airlines

Seat Map Airbus A380-800 four classes v1 Singapore Airlines
Seat Map Airbus A380-800 four classes v1 Singapore Airlines

Airplane Airbus A380-800 four classes v1 Singapore Airlines with 4 classes and 441 seats on board. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which should be avoided.


11/1/2018 KWAN GAUI SUM, seat 77A

Great to have a side drawer at seat A. Not many good choice or good show for the Entertainment on this long flight.

10/29/2018 Lawrie Cameron, seat 45A

Never flown on Airbus A380-800 before. It was a night flight and the continual noise of the bathroom doors opening and shutting and the vacuum toilet function on a nine hour flight made it hard to get some decent sleep. Will rethink my seat request next flight.

3/12/2018 Teri Swanbury, seat 32H

Comfortable seats. However very close to cupboards regularly used by Stewardess which can be distracting.

9/8/2017 MzWong, seat 15A

Really spacious seat big enough to fit three of me and easy access to front spacious corner toilet. Unobstructed view from side window. Side compartment good and deep enough for storing handbags and other small items. Plenty of leg room space for me 5"6. Corner/slanted angled leg placement does not bother me as reclining the se...

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8/20/2017 Steve O, seat 49C

I flew and this a 380 from JFK to Frankfurt Germany. This is the first A380 that I have flown on. I have flown on many 747s, DC-10s and md-11s. Once airborne the ride is smoother but there was a lot of vibration upon take off. I would not recommend the seat that I set in again. It must be right near the hydraulic pumps becau...

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12/6/2015 Mark, seat 45G

Seat maestro said my 45G seat is Good and Bad. I personally felt no Bad point. Enough leg space for me ( my tall is 170 cm). I flew more than 30 yrs, SIA staff mentality is S class in average. This time, I had an experience for headphone issue. re-plugged 3-4 times ,issue has solved. Movie program Mission Impossible-3, System sa...

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7/8/2014 unknown, seat 1A

Absolutely fabulous !!!!!!!Just as good if not better then Emirates.

5/19/2008 Felipe Gonzalez, seat 2C

Singapore Airlines prepare these huge aircraft to be the most impresive one on earth. When you are on the air and see where you are staing, you forget about the flight, and you could easily imagine you are in an five stars hotel. The suit's seats can sudenly became in comfortable beds so you can have an exelent flight.

5/2/2008 Felipe Gonzalez, seat 58C

These new A380 is realy a dream for all people. It is not only big these plain is also comfortable and fancy. As you can see in the picture the seats are thiner but not less comfortable. I can say it has satisfaction guaranty!! I have also see buisnes and firs class, their have all you need to make you feel as comfortable as in ...

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3/27/2008 Tomás González de Rosenzweig, seat 1A

Last week, the A380 flew to London. Here is a very complete report I've found on the web. We can see a passenger's opinion about coach class, a SIA employee telling us why he bets for the A380 and the lady from the movie trying the suites... check it out!

2/25/2008 Desrene Glasford, seat 58F

You probably dont want sit in this seat. It´s in the middle of everyone and people keep jumping over you to get out. Carts also hit you every once in a while. If you are traveling with a friend/partner, it´s not that bad because you can choose F and G for the both of you. Anyhow, not the best seat in town... :-(

12/26/2007 thommy, seat 2F

Very nice, comfortable flight.

12/16/2007 paquito_ucla, seat 1F

SUITES VIDEO: Singapore Airlines A380 Cabin Interior - Suites

11/2/2007 Francisco, seat 3D

Check out another pic from the SUITES... Pretty nice... :-) These are 2 seats together and you can join them of course. Travelling with your partner will cost you a bit more than you'd expect...hehehe

10/31/2007 Derek Gonzales, seat 5F

This is a suite. Not the one I flew in though. I took this picture from a web article. Just to let you know, they are UN-BE-LIE-VE-ABLE! However, you can´t have sex inside... SIA has asked all its passengers to refrain from "making love" not matter where they are sitting in order not to disturb the crew and other passagers. Suit...

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10/30/2007 Francisco, seat 79B

Innovative design minimizes intrusion into your personal space even as the passenger in front reclines. While ergonomic styling of the seat further maximizes knee and legroom. An easily accessible new seatback-mounted handset, personal, non-intrusive reading light and in-seat power supply, are just some of the many intelligent ...

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10/30/2007 Francisco, seat 44A

This seat has an emergency exit next to it providing plenty of legroom.

10/30/2007 Francisco, seat 20A

SIA has the largest ever full-flat bed in business class, offering plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy a rejuvenating night’s rest. Drift off into a restful sleep, surrounded by light duvet, larger pillows and fresh linen - sweet dreams are just around the corner. All the conveniences you would expect in an office are prov...

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10/30/2007 Francisco, seat 12K

The new Business Class seat available onboard the A380 offers you all the room you need to work, or to sit back and unwind. Measuring at least 30 inches wide, it combines enhanced personal space with comfort and leading-edge innovations. The unrivalled space between each seat, ensuring you direct access to the aisle, is a hallm...

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10/30/2007 Francisco, seat 4A

Whether discussing business, or sharing a relaxing moment, the Singapore Airlines Suite is exceptionally accommodating, with a soft leather chaise lounge across from the armchair and a large dining table. Everything required to do business, or enjoy KrisWorld is easily accessible, including a multi-port with power supply, headp...

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