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3/11/2019 N Parmeet

✅ Trip Verified | Perth to Singapore. Dirty tray table, bad cabin crew, poor special meal. During the day flight the window shades on empty seats were up and cabin crew were not bothered to pull them down and a couple of passengers went to do it themselves in front of the cabin crew who just started blankly and didn't do anything about the remaining blinds that were up. On the way to Perth from Singapore I was given the dessert despite being on the special meal but on the return flight, the steward proceeded to pass it to me but then retracted his arm back when he saw I was on the special meal, and no explanation was given. It was not any vegetarian meal as well but why is there no consistency? Worst thing was there was no explanation and he just walked away.

3/11/2019 Mark Landingin

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Manila via Singapore. First time to fly with SQ. I have very high expectations based on reviews and awards. However, my experience was mixed. Food and IFE were great and amazing. Cabin crew always smiling although it sometimes felt mechanical. Simple kit was also provided. DXB-SIN, B777-300ER was great however SIN-MNL aircraft was old didnt even bother using the IFE. Food served was not clearly advised that one option was spicy. I liked the food however overheard another passenger who doesn't like spicy food said that she wished she was told that it was spicy. Had some interesting encounters with cabin crew. First, a cabin crew used his index finger to give instructions to me instead of open palm/hand. Another cabin crew, during beverage serving, gave me the remaining orange juice as if i have no choice to make. Although both were minor hiccups. One funny incident had me cheering silently for the cabin crew as one of the adult passenger (father of another young adult passenger) kept on answering from the opposite row on behalf of his son every time a cabin crew would ask his son thus making a bit of a minor noise/disturbance. Cabin crew reminded the adult passenger that his son is old enough to answer simple questions. Fierce, i liked it. That's why im raising my overall experience score to 8 because of that.

3/10/2019 Sarita Jha Rattan

✅ Trip Verified | This was my 5th experience with Singapore Airlines but very different than the other 4. We had our Mumbai to Singapore flight delayed by 5-6 hours and eventually the 2nd flight from Singapore to Melbourne too got delayed however by 8-9 hours. We were made to stay in Ramada Singapore where the lunch was not made available to us, dinner too was compromised. We had a terrible stay and food in the hotel. Overall, I would not rate my journey a pleasant one.

3/8/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Three Class seat 56G

Great seat, has worry free recline! Great seat for sleeping!

3/4/2019 Spencer Mougin

Not Verified | This was the first time my wife and I flew Singapore Airlines, what a wonderful experience! From check-in to deplaning everything went smoothly and on time. The cabin crew were superb. The service was attentive, food delicious, the cabin was attractive and very clean, including bathrooms. We flew United from Singapore to San Francisco, after our Singapore vacation, and the flight was no way near as good. Singapore Airlines will start flying direct from Seattle to Singapore non-stop in September 2019 and we definitely will use them when we visit Singapore again. P.S. We flew United on frequent flyer miles to India, and from Singapore to Seattle via San Francisco, Singapore Airlines is by far the best.

3/3/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A350-900 (359) v1 seat 48K

The TV arm is against one's left leg and depending on how you keep your legs during the flight, digs into your thigh or your knee. There is no power charging capability for this seat, you need to lean over and use the power underneath the middle seat which is just below and to the right of 48Ks left armrest. If the person in 47J puts his belongings on the floor or places his legs to the right, you may not be able to get up to use the loo if they are sleeping.

3/3/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-10 (78J) seat 58H

Paid for Extra Legroom seat at 58H on a night flight hoping to get some sleep. It was a terrible experience as the toilet was nearby and constantly a lot of people queueing for the toilet. On top of that, there was an stench that never dissipate. 787-10 is my least favorite flight.

3/3/2019 L Han

✅ Trip Verified | Older plane and business class seats are 2x2x2, so no wifi on board. However seats are comfortable and have a good recline, which is not bad for the short flight from Singapore to Perth. Meals are fantastic, especially as we booked the cook - the assam fish was one of the best I have ever had. Entertainment selection is decent and inflight shopping selection is wide. Best of all, service is impeccable.

3/3/2019 L Han

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Singapore. Singapore Airlines has the best service. Wide selection of inflight shopping. Food is fantastic. We had satay before our appetizer and it was as close as you can get in a satay stall without charcoal. A good range of new movies with the new month. The best thing about AMS to SG is the skybed, which gave us some decent sleep ahead of arriving in SG. Unfortunately, there was limited stock of sake. I had one and there was none left!! Wifi was good when available - the 30MB gets chewed up very quickly! Nevertheless, this is a fantastic airline and we will definitely fly again as our airline of choice.

3/3/2019 G Warden

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Singapore Airlines from Singapore to London Heathrow. The cabin crew on this flight worked tirelessly to keep the passengers comfortable. They were smart, professional and extremely personable. I'd have liked it to have been warmer on board, still feeling cold even with a down jacket on. The plane now seems a bit tired with a couple of screens not working and a head rest which wouldn't stay up. I too would like to see considerably less plastic used.

3/2/2019 Lara Haas

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Hanoi. Although the service was great, I found the amount of plastic wasted horrifying. Everything was wrapped in plastic. There was even a plastic cup to put your water that was contained in a plastic cup. Wouldn't fly with Singapore again.

2/28/2019 Brenda Hobbs, Airbus A380-800 seat 41

As the A380 was replaced by a Boeing I am unable to respond.

2/28/2019 Nilesh Bartlett

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore Airlines has impressed me on the Singapore-Sydney route for the first time. It is evident that the morning flights are much better than the night time flights. As SQ 211 departed, a great lunch was served followed by multiple drink rounds before a mini pizza prior to landing, which compares well against the red eye SQ221 and 231. The staff were quite courteous with the exception of one cabin crew member, the rest were extremely pleasant. Specially the leading crew in charge was particularly friendly. Flight landed ahead of schedule and all in all, I couldn't fault the service.

2/28/2019 Tony Hall

✅ Trip Verified | London to Singapore. Easy boarding with punctual push back and arrival. Latest seats – I loved the wrap-round screen for the seat, almost like some other airlines first class. The steward had to put my bed down for me and I found it rather hard for sleeping on. IFE was not really 5* standard. Food and service were excellent throughout. Overall, a very high standard throughout.

2/27/2019 P Rachitra

✅ Trip Verified | San Francisco to Bangalore via Singapore. I have flown Singapore Airlines from the past 20 years regularly until now, I considered myself to be a loyal customers. They used to care about customers before; apparently, being named the best airline in the world has gone to their head and they think they no longer have to satisfy their customers. I flew Premium economy recently to Bangalore and paid for the extra legroom seat--the flight was ordinary. I was expecting an offer to upgrade to business class before my flight and I have more than 50,000 pts. No such offer came--I tried to offer a bid, the system didn't allow me to. When I saw the flight, there were plenty of seats empty in Business class. Not sure why they don't want to offer the premium economy passengers to upgrade to business. Warning to everyone travelling from SFO--some connections to India have a very short layover--less than an hour. SA doesn't have any consideration that if the landing is a few minutes late and the connecting flight is within 30 minutes, they shouldn't make the passenger run from one terminal to another even using Skytrain. I barely made it before the gate closed (with my bad knees). Remember, you have to go through security in Singapore when you have a connecting flight. I had to rush from Terminal B to C with no time even to rush to the restroom let alone freshen up.  While returning from Bangalore, I had ~4 kgs extra. Instead of asking me to pay using my Krisflyer (over 50,000) points, Singapore airlines charged me for a whole extra piece. So watch out, even if you are just 2-4 kgs over the limit in Premium economy, they will charge the cost of a suitcase. I even asked to pay for the upgrade in Bangalore, the said I can't do it in the last minute using points and I should check during my layover in Singapore (~ 2 hours). When I tried to upgrade for the longer flight SIN - SFO, they said that I don't have enough points. I offered to pay with points and cash--they said I can't do that. They just didn't want me in Business class even with points or cash! I wanted to avoid paying extra weight fees as I would have below the limit int Business class. If this is not an example of not caring for customers or accommodating its Krisflyer members, I don't know what is. Why can't they charge per Kg extra weight instead of an additional piece of luggage like other airlines?   Flight and food was ordinary (food quality has declined from SF to Singapore), and the bathroom cleanliness both ways was not up to par like it used to be. Changi airport is exceptional of course. I am not sure I will  be flying this airline again while there are so many carriers who offer upgrades for a reasonable price and cheaper tickets. Not sure what to do with the balance points (more than 50,000 points) though. Sorry Singapore airlines, you lost a loyal flyer who has flow the long route for more than 20 years..

2/27/2019 Melissa li

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Tokyo. The flight was fully packed, but we still manage to fly on time and reach there slightly earlier than scheduled. I flew with friends and took a row of seat. We accidentally spilled a drink, and the stewardess was smiling as they help us clean the mess, they also keep coming back to us to check if our seats are dry, giving us extra napkins and later, extra blankets telling us to sit on it. What a pleasant experience. In flight entertainment was great, plenty of choices, and movies from all over the world. One thing though, we found the leg space to be slightly smaller than usual, not sure if it was all the winter clothing we had with us, or the seat space shrunk. We chose different meals, and tried each others', they taste great.

2/26/2019 V Damirkov

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Dusseldorf via Singapore. During meal service SQ flight BKK- SIN and SIN-DUS I requested hot tea with lemon and coke. Flight attendant did not pay attention then gave me a salad sauce instead of coke and tea lemon. I was hocked and repeated my request for hot tea with lemon and coke. Flight attendant politely smiled and skipped my request. Dinner meal was without any dessert on international flight SIN-DUS. I was surprised there is no dessert. I asked crew and they said no dessert and no fruits. During snack service they offered only mini potato chips and mini ice cream. There is poor meal quality on international flights and Singapore Airlines crew members were not attentive just poor attention and performed poor sloppy service. Poor WIFI connection. Awful! Bad experience.

2/26/2019 Barbara Irani

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Singapore. We booked a flight to SIN on Singapore Airlines in economy class from LAX for 11/2018. A few days before we departed, we received an email from them encouraging us to bid on an upgrade to economy plus. Even indicated what was a “low” bid with less chance of getting the upgrade, so we paid a higher bid that gave us a “fair” chance. Shortly before our flight we received an email that we were approved and could book our seats. We immediately went to the seat selections and found only 4 seats available, none together or even close. We called Singapore Airlines but they said there was nothing available and our prior seats in economy were now taken. We again asked at the counter when we checked in but same answer - no seats available. We are in our 70’s and had to sit rows apart on different sides of the aircraft for this very long flight. One of the seats was in the last row of economy plus and was so cramped it was very difficult to get in and out to use the restroom. We suffered. When we returned home, we found out Singapore Airlines would not even give miles for the flight since it was initially booked in economy. We requested our money back as we felt taken and deceived with the charge, lack of disclosure, and the unacceptable and poor quality service provided. They said “no”, terms and conditions protect them. Beware of Singapore Airlines offers as they may not be what you expect, especially for an airline that touts their reputation. We were extremely disappointed in their offer, service, and response! First and last time we will fly with them.

2/25/2019 J Mee

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Singapore Airlines on their Boeing 787-10 from Singapore to Nagoya. Check-in was efficient, and at boarding the crew was very warm and friendly, greeting everyone with a smile. The aircraft was very comfortable, the seats were very well-designed and the cabin also felt very comfortable. IFE was SQ's newest product and I had no problems using it, it was very responsive and being a touchscreen, was also very convenient. The aircraft left on time and we were in the air very quickly. Cabin service was conducted very efficiently, and the crew was also very warm and sincere, typical of SQ's high standards, After the first cabin service(mostly drinks), the lights were dimmed so that the passengers could sleep(it was a red-eye flight) and the crew was very attentive to the passengers' requests, walking up and down the aisle every now and then to ensure we were comfortable. Around 2 hours before landing, breakfast was served - the only negative thing about this flight, as the food was not really good in my opinion. On landing, the crew bade goodbye to each passenger, smiling as they always did throughout the flight, Overall, it was an excellent flight, and I would definitely fly them again

2/25/2019 Jeremy Teng

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Singapore Airlines on my trip back from Japan on their A350-900, and the experience was really positive. In Tokyo Haneda, check in was very efficient, despite it being a full flight (perhaps as many wanted to return home for Christmas), and boarding was very fast too, although the managing could have been better as I witnessed some passengers holding only an economy class ticket using the business class queue. Despite the inclement weather, the flight took off very quickly, and after we left Tokyo the flight was smooth throughout. Aircraft wise, the A350 had always been a comfortable aircraft, and this was no exception - the product offered was very comfortable, and the legroom was good even in economy class. The cabin crew was also very warm and friendly and attentive to every passenger. After meal service was concluded the lights were dimmed to allow the passengers to sleep, as it was a night flight. The IFE was touchscreen, just like my previous flight with SQ on their 787 and very responsive, no problems encountered. The only downside was that SQ did not implement a tail camera that can be broadcast on the IFE - a pity, considering that the A350 has the technology and other A350 users such as Cathay Pacific and Thai Airways are using them. Not an important feature, but it would have been really cool to see it. I picked the Japanese selection for my meal, and it was very good. We arrived in Singapore early and the crew was also very friendly throughout. During the flight, they even left me a personalized message on my passenger flight logbook, and it was a really touching gesture that showed how much they cared for their passengers. Overall, I would recommend SQ, although the prices might sometimes be a little higher, it is worth as you are paying for what you get, and SQ is definitely one of the best out there when it comes to cabin service, matching ANA, who are known for their exceptional cabin service.